5 Money Saving Travel Tips (For Central & South America)

Traveling to Central & South America can be fascinating, and it’s easy to find economical ways to eat, stay & travel. Here’s a few more important tips to save even more:

Money Saving Tips

1) Change money wisely – Not all “casas de cambio” are the same. Sometimes a short walk can yield a better rate of exchange. Generally, you will get a better deal in the big cities, vs the smaller towns. Changing money on Sunday is more difficult & will usually cost more. Be sure to get all the money that you will need for the weekend beforehand.

2) Negotiate with taxis – It’s better to know exactly what you are paying in advance. While some larger cities will have metered taxis, when you are in the country, you might be “taken for a ride,” literally if you don’t negotiate up front.

3) Avoid the “Gringo” tax – It’s worth the effort to be able to at least ask basic directions etc in Spanish. It’s far more rewarding to be able to shoot the breeze with the local shopkeeper. Either way, if you’re the “English only” American, you’ll pay for the privilege. Start learning today, here, here, and here.

4) Get Inside Info – Most towns of any size will be happy to encourage tourism, and often will have maps, guides etc. On top of the regular tourist attractions, they can often point you in the right direction regarding affordable accommodations. Look for the municipal offices, and the tourism office if there is one.

5) Dress like a local – As in #3 above, it pays to observe what local folks about your age are wearing, and emulate them. It truly does open doors.

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