8 tips that will make you a better tourist


For those thinking of visiting Peru (or any other country for that matter,) can improve their experience for themselves as well as the people in the visited country. Here are some simple, but useful tips.

From Peru This week:


8 tips that will make you a better tourist

Arriving to a new country without knowing the language, customs, culture, or not even looking into what your destination has in store for you can generate a bad vacation.

1. Learn the local language

Fluent communication can create a better impression upon the locals wherever you travel. Try to learn basic words of the local language so you can have a more enjoyable experience.

Not only is it more fun to be able to communicate, but it really makes for a better trip when you are not so “language isolated.”

2. Don’t just take any photo

Okay you’re in a new place and you see the local people doing things that you wouldn’t normally see, but we must consider that the locals deserve respect and you have to remember that in some places it’s forbidden to take photos.

Particularly in the rural areas, many locals do not wish to be photographed. Sometimes a small tip can help 🙂

3. Taste all the gastronomy

Another unforgettable experiences of life is to try all sorts of things, never refuse anything that you are invited to try.

You’re on vacation, be daring!

4. Leave all social networks behind

You’re on vacation, try to disconnect at times. You can be on social networks every day from your home or work. Enjoy you’re trip and don’t be a slave to your phone.

Outside of the big cities, you probably won’t have very good internet service. Relax, it can all wait…

5. Leave no traces

Caring for the environment and the destination that you are visiting is important for being a good traveler. Always pick up your trash and clean the places you’ve used. (Amen!)

6. Care for the flora and fauna

Try to choose activities that do not affect the environment or the local animals. There are many good experiences you can do without affecting the local flora and fauna.

7. Respect cultures

There are places in the world that have very strange traditions and you may not be use to seeing them. Accept and respect them as they are.

8. Adapt to the pace of life

Try to leave time behind and adapt to the times and traditions of the destination you are visiting.

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Part of the travel adventure is seeing and experiencing new things. Let go of your inhibitions, and travel like a local. You’ll have more fun!

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