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Letters to Paige (9 Lessons for a better life)

This post is dedicated to my grandchildren, the oldest of whom is Paige. Hence, the title. We live far away from each other, but so many times every day, my mind slips to them & I wonder how they are & what they are doing. This letter & series of letters is to offer the […]

Incident at JuanJui (It’s No Fun to be a Hostage)

  Whenever I talk of South America, and our time in Peru, I often hear “Don’t you worry about being kidnapped or robbed?” To tell the truth, I had never had any problems whatsoever in Peru, but there was a memorable incident this past summer that opened my eyes…

Saving Money on Healthcare in Peru

In the summer of 2010 I herniated a disc in my back, and after 4 painful months of denial & fear, I finally went to see a local doctor. It wasn’t that I don’t like doctors, or that I thought that it would just heal naturally, but rather the worry of how to pay for […]

10 Things that are different in Peru

  Welcome to A Little Further South! This blog post is to introduce you to some of the many little differences between life in the States vs life in Peru. Many are small, many more noticeable, some just plain quirky.