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Christmas in Lima

  Spending Christmas away from home in Northwest Arizona is hard sometimes, but on the other hand, it is summer in Lima and the days are longer & the weather generally nice. Today, we’ll spend some time at the Plaza de Armas to see this years Christmas decorations, and let the pictures  do most of the […]

Holiday Reads: Some Great Links, Year in Review

Christmas 2014 Ahhh, 2014 is quickly coming to an end, and once again I wonder what happened to the year. It went by so fast. Between watching world & financial events with open eyes & shuttling back and forth to Peru, I managed to accomplish a personal first, successfully importing over 3,600 pounds of specialty grade Peruvian coffee […]

Will the Hot Money Leave Peru?

With emerging markets showing signs of stress after the end of QE, will Peru also see foreign money leaving the economy? With around 50% of all loans denominated in dollars, a sudden exit could leave Peru vulnerable.

Letters to Paige #5 (9 Important Life Lessons)

  These letters are intended for my grandchildren & all of those who seek to grow & to learn how to be not only a better person, but also to be more successful in life and their endeavors. Here are 9 simple but vital lessons for a better life:

Medical Tourism News Roundup 12/12/14

  Medical tourism continues to grow every year, and is expected to continue expanding as deductibles rise & as more and more companies self insure to save costs. Some employers are covering all travel costs (including expenses for spouses) as an incentive to encourage employees to consider medical travel. Here are some recent articles regarding […]

Home Coffee Roasting in a Popcorn Maker

Home Coffee Roasting in a  Hot Air Popcorn Maker   One of the best ways to always have the freshest coffee possible is to roast your own at home. There are many ways to accomplish this, but perhaps the easiest & least expensive is to use a hot air popcorn maker. There are quite a few […]

Letters to Paige #4 (10 Simple Lifehacks)

Today, the wisdom of times gone by is largely ignored and in many cases not even in the day to day reality of most people. There are cycles in life that appear to be more or less about 80 years. We echo many of these times again and again throughout history.  It’s easy to see […]