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The Impressive & Terrible Landslides in Chosica

  South of Lima in Chosica, where we often travel on our way to the coffee growing regions of Chanchamayo, there have been torrential rains leading to catastrophic landslides. The following link leads to the Spanish site El Comercio. There are some fairly impressive videos & photos of the immense damage caused there.  

What You Missed…

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Behmor Unveiling ‘Connected’ Roaster and Brewer Models

For the home coffee roaster, the Behmor is a marvelous device that keeps getting better. Behmor now allows for saving roast profiles & real time monitoring. We covered the Behmor roaster in a previous post: The Joy of Home Coffee Roasting (With a Behmor)

Lower Home Sales Portend Slowing Economy in Peru

Peru’s explosive housing market is showing a decline as inventory increases. As I’ve mentioned in these pages before, the amount of debt in dollars is weighing on the marketplace, and the overbuilt market is screaming “bubble.” Furthermore, as many new units are set to come on the market in the next year, expect declines in […]

Inti Raymi: Cusco’s biggest festival

Reposted as it’s soon! Each year on June 24th (which coincides with the winter solstice in South America) there is a festival to honor the Inca god Inti. The Festival also celebrates the coming New Year. The celebration began in 1412, but was banned after 1535 by Catholic Clergy. It was then preserved secretly for […]

Peru Coffee News, Clips – Goodbye Coke

  I try to keep up with the news as much as I can, and Yrma often points out things that may be of interest. We watch with particular attention to news that affect the Peruvian economy, and we tend to focus of course on agricultural imports, in particular coffee & chocolate. Here’s several translated articles that […]