Behmor Unveiling ‘Connected’ Roaster and Brewer Models

For the home coffee roaster, the Behmor is a marvelous device that keeps getting better. Behmor now allows for saving roast profiles & real time monitoring. We covered the Behmor roaster in a previous post: The Joy of Home Coffee Roasting (With a Behmor)

via Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine.

Home coffee equipment maker Behmor has refashioned its popular 1-pound-capacity 1600 roaster with app-integrated technology. The company recently unveiled the “1600 Connected” model at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, and it will be on display at the upcoming SCAA Event in Seattle.

The biggest change to the new unit is an integrated roast-logging app developed by Portland-based Dado Labs. The company actually has some home roasters on staff and approached the Behmor team at a housewares show approximately two years ago, Behmor rep and Boyd’s Coffee business development manager Todd Larrabee recently told Daily Coffee News.

The app currently allows for the saving of roast profiles, enhanced real-time diagnostics and monitoring during roasting through additional sensors, and real-time notifications of operational issues. While logging and roasting technology inside the drum has been increased and enhanced, the unit actually has a much simpler interface than previous 1600 models, including a single-button control.

“The app can control many features in the roaster, so over time I would expect updates to the app to control even more capabilities of the roaster, especially as home roasters log some hours and voice their input,” Larrabee says.

The roaster relaunch is accompanied by the launch of Behmor’s Brazen Connected, the newest, connected brewer model that builds on the platform of the Behmor Brazen Plus. The Dado-developed technology in the Connected model allows for control of various brewing parameters through the app, including water temperature, pre-soaking and brewing volume.

Fresh roasted coffee has the best flavor, and the Behmor does it well. Now, even better!


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