Tbt: Old Peru

Have a nice weekend everyone. Be sure to try the lucuma fruit if you can. It’s wonderful…

Via Cardcow:

Puente Balta Bridge, Peru

Puente Balta Bridge, Peru


Lucuma the “new” Peruvian Superfruit

Via Bloomberg:

Peru has a knack for introducing superfoods to the rest of the world. Its rich geography, which includes portions of the Andes Mountains and the Amazon rainforest, has already brought forth high-protein quinoa and açai berries. The latest nutritional powerhouse to appear on global menus is lucuma, a fruit that grows at altitudes of about 9,000 feet. Long prized in Peru, it’s gaining traction in U.S. cities.

Full article here.

On a personal note, we love the unique flavor of lucuma especially in ice cream. Yum!

Lucuma fruit


Machu Picchu Monday

Monday! I heard of a new word for the moment in the weekend where you suddenly start thinking about the upcoming week, and slip out of “weekend mode.” The word is “Smonday.” It happened yesterday to me about 5:00 pm when I had a client email. Even if I work all day, the weekend is just a better state of mind.

Tourists on top of the walls at Machu Picchu

Tbt: Old Peru

Ay, a little late with this one. Stay cool people!

La Anciana (The Ancient One)

Low Coffee Prices Hurting Peru’s Organic Farmers

Nick Brown from Daily Coffee News reports:

A world leader in high-quality organic Arabica coffee production, Peru has struggled to rebound from the leaf rust outbreak that peaked there in 2014, affecting nearly half the country’s coffee farms.

A fundamental part of this struggle has been the fact that as coffee production costs have risen, country-wide export prices have declined for four straight years, from approximately $1.82 per pound ($4.03 per kilo) in calendar year 2014 to $1.31 per pound in 2017, according to the latest annual report on the Peruvian coffee sector from the USDA’s Global Agriculture Information Network (GAIN).

Full article here.

Honey and Natural Processed Coffee Curing

Machu Picchu Monday

Half of 2018 is now past. Happy 4th of July! have a great week y’all!

Llama at Machu Picchu

Tbt: Old Peru

What…Thursday already. This week was a blur as we get ready for our upcoming trip to Peru. Have a nice weekend, be safe and happy.

A Peruvian Haunted House (via Cardcow)

Quinta Heeren, a haunted house. Peru (Cardcow)

Machu Picchu Monday

It’s a hot one here in northwest Arizona. I’m liking the long days, but it means that I have to get up early to be able to do much outside.

May you have a blessed week. I know it’s hard sometimes, but let’s be kind. (He whispers to himself.)

In Aguascalientes, last stop before Machu Picchu

Tbt: Old Peru

Crazy week, but its all good. Have a great weekend. Here’s a classic:

El Anciano (The ancient one)