Cocoa from Piura and Tumbes selected among 50 best in the world


 We love delicious and aromatic cocoa & chocolate. Peruvian cocoa was chosen in the best 50 out of 146 samples submitted by 35 countries to the Cocoa of Excellence 2015 program.

Via El Comercio Peru (Google translate with editing for clarity – original link below)


Cocoa from Piura and Tumbes selected among 50 best in the world

A total of 50 samples of cocoa in the world were selected as the best by the Cocoa of Excellence program for 2015, and three samples from Peru were selected, two from Piura and one from Tumbes.

The 50 cocoas were selected from a total of 146 samples submitted by 35 countries.

“It’s a major achievement for the North and for the whole of Peru. Three samples of Peruvian cocoa, all of the Agricultural Cooperative Norandino, are among the 50 best in the world. Two of the samples are from Piura and one is from the Regional Association of Cocoa Producers of Tumbes (Arprocat), partner organization, part of Norandino “said Santiago Paz, international marketing manager of the cooperative.

He added that it is not the first time that Norandino won this type of competition and they have won consecutively, winning gold and silver, as well as other national and international competitions, “which puts us more in the eyes of the world, and opens new opportunities for development that the national government, regional government and local governments should take into account in their plans and projects. “

Drying cacao Photo: Makao

Evaluations Continue
The Peruvian Association of Cocoa Producers (APP Cacao) reported that after being selected the best cocoa in the world, they will continue the evaluation through the transformation from raw cocoa into chocolate and there will be a tasting by 35 experts and chocolatiers to participate in the Chocolate Show Paris 2015, to be held from October 28 November 1.

The final awards ceremony of the 2015 International Cocoa Awards will be held on October 28 as part of the activities of the Salon du Chocolat.

Source: Cacao de Piura y Tumbes seleccionado entre 50 mejores del mundo | País | Peru | El Comercio Peru

Sounds wonderful to me as there’s nothing like good chocolate. The cocoa from northern Peru is not only rich in flavor, but has an amazing aroma. In the future, we’ll be bringing some home for you…

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