Cusco: seniors pass on their ancestral knowledge


A meeting to share the knowledge of ancient Peruvian cultures from the old to the young is taking place in Cuzco. Via El Comercio Peru (Google translate)

A “Meeting of sagesbrings together 40 representatives from the provinces of Calca, Quispicanchis, Canchis, Canas and Chumbivilcas.

In Cusco, 40 seniors, representatives of the provinces of Calca, Quispicanchis, Canchis, Canas and Chumbivilcas, gather to share their ancestral knowledge and transmit this knowledge to new generations.

The so-called “meeting of wise ancestral knowledge of the Cusco region” is driven by the Decentralized Office of Culture of Cusco and aims to revalue ancestral knowledge and skills of older adults.

The event began with an internal discussion group among the elderly who shared experiences and identified ways that remain.

Tomorrow, Friday, the meeting will continue in the main square of Cusco. There four spaces called Killa Inti K’uichi and Coyllor be installed under the themes of agricultural knowledge, gastronomy, Andean worldview and religion. In addition, oral literature, music, dance, skills, among others.

Older adults exhibit and transmit their knowledge to the Cusco population, but especially the children.

This first meeting is a big step to value the cultural heritage of every people of our region, efforts by which generate spaces of socialization and recognition of the skills, knowledge, techniques, experiences and customs of our people,” he said Director of Culture, Ricardo Ruiz Caro.

Original article here: Cusco: adultos mayores transmiten sus conocimientos ancestrales | Cusco | Peru | El Comercio Peru

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