Drinking Coffee May Reduce the Risk of Falls

Just one more reason to drink coffee: reduced risk of falling. European scientists have determined that coffee can improve your stride and help prevent dangerous falls.

Research published in European Journal of Clinical Nutrition has found that consuming more than one cup of coffee per day is associated with better gait – an important health indicator that relates to the risk of falling, morbidity and mortality, and is influenced by the nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as musculoskeletal structure.

The research, conducted at the Department of Epidemiology, Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, investigated associations of alcohol, coffee and tobacco consumption with gait, using 2,546 participants with a median age of 68 years.

The results of the study showed that consuming more than one cup of coffee daily was associated with better gait when compared to drinking one or less cups of coffee.

Specifically, consuming one to three cups of coffee daily was associated with higher pace (or length of stride) and consuming more than three cups daily with better variability in stride length, pace and turning time compared with consuming one or less than one cup of coffee. Such effects may have important implications on the risk of falling in older populations. Source: Coffee & Cocoa International

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