Grand Opening Week

New Website Update

This is it! We’re officially open today, and as this post is written, work is proceeding on the new website look and feel. We are testing, correcting, rereading everything to have a brand new shiny appearance. It’s a ton of work, but we have a talented tech – Joshua of Tolento Group doing the heavy lifting, while I ask for the endless changes that happen at a web launch.

I wavered before deciding to just go ahead with the new theme and design. There never is a good time to make big changes in a blog, or any “live” 24 hour system. So, virtually (no pun, techies) at the last minute, we just decided to go for it.

Redundant backups, and bleary eyes from reading over and over, along with calls, conversations, and emails flying back and forth finally led to a site that we think looks amazing, and is still functional and clean.

It will probably go live before the weekend. I will make an announcement. Check back, or better yet sign up for our email list on the right of this page, you could win free coffee!

Amazing Coffee Specials

Meanwhile, what would a Grand Opening be without a list of specials to whet everyone’s appetite. We’ll start with our “Curibamba Coffee Project Kickoff.” (See below)

Our finest fresh roasted Coffees from the rainforests of Peru, with flat rate shipping of just $4.95 Orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Free Shipping for orders over $25.

(Note: When you add an item, the page will refresh to update the shopping cart)

For green coffee beans & specials click here.

Curibamba Coffee Project Kickoff 2015 – 1 Pound – $14.95

Your purchase helps support small family farmers as we buy this coffee directly from the producers. This is year three of the Curibamba Coffee Project, and we’re seeing wonderful results from the growers.

We want to share this wonderful coffee from the Cloud Forest highlands above Villa Rica, Peru with the world. This price is only good from today through midnight Friday October 16th.

We will continue to make donations annually to provide solar drying tents, solar drying tables etc. which accompanied by the assistance provided through the local electric company EDEGEL is making a difference in many small highland communities. This Coffee is More Than Fair Certified. We go to the farm, so you don’t have to!

See all of our other coffees & Grand Opening Specials here.


Random Free Coffee Kindness

All this week, we’ll be randomly giving coffee free to those on our email list. Sign up now, and you could sample one of our fine coffees absolutely free. We’ll even pay the shipping! Sign up box on the right of this page. No spam, easy unsubscribe, and maybe even some free coffee. Do it now!

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Andes Peaks view from the forest