ICO Seeks Events for International Coffee Day – October 1

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The International Coffee Organization (ICO) is seeking events for the International Coffee Day, which will be on October 1st. Via Global Coffee Report:

The International Coffee Organization (ICO) is calling on the coffee industry to submit events for the first-ever International Coffee Day (ICD) being held on 1 October. With the support of 74 ICO Member States and 26 national coffee associations, ICD is a global celebration of each component of the coffee sector.

Private companies, independent businesses, public associations and coffee enthusiasts are encouraged to involve their local community by hosting an event or campaign on ICD. The ICO is giving those in the industry the opportunity to list their event on the soon-to-be launched ICD website.

Event ideas include hosting a cupping, running a café promotion, hosting a lecture with a local coffee expert or starting a fundraiser.

As part of its fundraising initiatives, the ICO has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Oxfam to raise money for smallholder farmers.

Source: ICO calls for International Coffee Day submissions | Global Coffee Report

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