Letters to Paige #2 (6 More Life Lessons)

This post is dedicated to my grandchildren, the oldest of whom is Paige.

Want to stand out? Achieve more in life? It’s not really that much harder than only getting by. Sure, it takes more work, and sometimes you just need to stop and rest, but in time the extra mile adds up eventually accumulating big benefits in your life.

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6 More Life Lessons

1) Be classy – According to the Merriam Webster dictionary classy is defined as “having qualities that make someone or something special and attractive,” and “having or reflecting high standards of personal behavior.” It may seem stylish to drop F-bombs, but the English language is so much more powerful if you use the right words. Dress well, be kind, and always act like you’re special (because you are!) Make people comfortable to be around you & you’ll always have better people in your life.

2) Thing Big – There is a very real magic to thinking bigger. Do a little more, always thinking “what if?” Oftentimes, it doesn’t take much more effort to “be big” in your work, or in projects/sales/clubs etc. Dare to think beyond the minimum, why not? Be a leader, take charge, and soon positive things and the right people will appear to help you find the next step.

3) Be Frugal – Your money is your life energy. It represents hours spent working (often at things that we’d rather not be doing,) so don’t waste your life! It’s so tempting as day after day we are bombarded with the constant message of buy, buy, buy. Today’s fashion is tomorrow’s second hand or garage sale stuff. Clothing is very inexpensive once you focus on utility rather than impressing your friends. Before making a big purchase, see if you can find it used, or at least ask for a discount if new. Even 5% or 10% off of a $200-300 item is real money. Save it!

4) Learn to Cook – This one ties nicely into being frugal. Learning to cook will save money for all of your life. A latte here, a buffet there, over time eating out can be one of the greatest expenses of your life. Learn to cook, pack your own lunches and meals, and have a thermos/water bottle etc for drinks. It’s a little habit that keeps on providing cash to your bottom line. Your home cooked meal is more nutritious, more delicious, and puts dollars into your bank account.

5) Plan Ahead – When traveling especially, it pays to think about your own daily habits & what your needs are. Don’t wait until you’re starving or thirsty on the road. Think ahead to what you might need, and keep it with you in an inconspicuous bag. Always keep a flashlight, matches, some small food items, fork, spoon, knife, toilet paper, and water with you.  At least some minimal first aid items are essential in an accident etc. You’re the hero when you’re prepared!

6) Increase your Vocabulary – As one grows and becomes an adult, one should also grow in the ability to express and communicate ideas. Your success in life is in direct proportion to your capacity  to intelligently persuade those around you whether it be in family, work, or school. Good spelling, articulate speech, and competent writing all have as their foundation a good vocabulary. Put a dictionary on your smart phone, and learn new words every day!

These are a few things I wish you to know. Above all, I want to send my love, and hopes that your life can be a happy one, full of joy and peace.

Hugs…Grandpa Ben