Letters to Paige #3 (8 Helpful Life Tips)

This post is dedicated to my grandchildren, the oldest of whom is Paige.

As parents and grandparents, we always want the best for the children who will one day assume the reins in this world of ours. It’s our duty to share the things that help make life better. Here are a few:


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1) Overcome fear – Fear is the disease of failure. When we do the things that we fear, we find that most of our fears were irrational & unnecessary. How do you overcome fear? By doing the thing that makes you afraid. Afraid to speak in front of a group? Commit yourself to doing it in school, or church, or even at a family gathering. Afraid to compete against better athletes, speakers, musicians, other students? Forget your worries, do your absolute best to prepare & soon you’ll wonder what was the big deal.

2) SIng – SInging is one healthy way to  relax after a hard day, or when you’ve been disappointed. Besides the many physical benefits of breathing correctly, improved posture, more open airways, etc. singing helps us emotionally by relieving stress, improving self esteem & actually can increase positive feelings. Sing! Here’s a site that lists the many good things that singing can do: Benefits of SInging

3) Exercise Regularly – It’s easy to get busy & neglect to do the essential things that our bodies need. A brisk walk, a burst of pushups and sit-ups or jumping jacks will help your body, but also improves your mood, can fight off depression, and just plain make you feel better.

4) Take Notes – Always keep a little notebook, or your smartphone to remember ideas as they pop into mind. The creativity that we all have inside us can “flash” an inspiration at any moment. Be ready to receive these gifts from the muse when they arrive. You can take a note now, or record something in your phone & later review to develop these ideas. Many good things can come from that momentary note; don’t lose these gems!

5) Avoid Gossip – Ordinary minds are focused on people & things. Great thinkers spend their time on ideas. Talking about what so & so did may seem titillating in the moment, but next time it will be you they are talking about. Avoid the trap of small minded people by being an example. Stay focused on the bigger picture & more people will open up to you. No one will trust a gossiper with their most personal thoughts. A good friend doesn’t gossip.

6) Volunteer – With the many minimum wage laws there are fewer opportunities for a young person to gain work experience today. One way is by offering your time freely. There are a host of non profit organizations that need you. Whether it’s a nursing home, an animal shelter, or just your school these folks need your help. Besides learning new things, you’ll be interacting with adults, and this history will help you later when you seek real employment. You’ll have real references that your peers will not yet have. Besides, you’ll feel so much better knowing that you were able to contribute a little to the common good.

7) Clean the kitchen sink – The kitchen is the heart of the home. When you’re not sure where to start cleaning, start in the kitchen sink. When the “heart” of the home is clean and neat, the rest just begins to fall into place. If you want your home to be happy, keep it clean!

8) Worship Your Own Heroes – Find the people, groups etc that resonate with what you believe. Ignore the media heroes, many whom just move from one silly scandalous episode to another. Find real heroes in your own life & seek to emulate them. It could be a teacher, coach, or a church leader. It could be a writer whose views you support. Whomever it is, let it be your hero, not necessarily the most popular figures of the day.

These are a few things I wish to share with you today. Above all, I want to send my love, and hopes that your life can be a happy one, full of joy and peace.

Hugs…Grandpa Ben

Ceramic , Museo Larco Pueblo Libre, Peru

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