Letters to Paige #5 (9 Important Life Lessons)


These letters are intended for my grandchildren & all of those who seek to grow & to learn how to be not only a better person, but also to be more successful in life and their endeavors. Here are 9 simple but vital lessons for a better life:

9 Important Life Lessons

1) Learn from the Experience of Others – It is said that experience is the best teacher, and even better is to learn from the experience of other people. Why reinvent the wheel? Try to find out what has happened to those who have gone before & you can avoid many potential pitfalls in your journey. This can save lots of time, money, and grief.

2) Be on Time – No one likes to be kept waiting. When it comes to making a good impression, one thing that always stands out is punctuality. Plan your time carefully as to never be late & you’ll instill confidence right from the start.

3) Will It Matter in 5 years? When you are angry about something that has happened, take a deep breath & before you let that anger show, ask yourself: Will this matter in 5 years? If the answer is no, keep the critical comment or potentially hurtful remark to yourself.

4) Avoid Unplanned Pregnancy – Aide from the moral issue of having children outside of marriage, having children as a young single mom can be a real life changer. Easy to do in the heat of passion or after falling in love, but forever is a long time. While no one is ever totally ready for children, it’s just so much better for you and for those unborn kids if you have a stable happy relationship in a caring household. The stress of caring for a child while trying to finish your education,  work etc. is enormous. Do yourself a big life favor & just wait…

This goes equally for boys too!

5) Do Something You Love at Least 15 Minutes a Day – As we mature and our lives fill with school, work & family commitments, don’t forget to take time for yourself every day. Whether it’s reading, writing, or your favorite hobby, be sure to devote 15 minutes every day to it. This keeps those creative juices flowing & brings joy to an otherwise hectic life.

6) Surround Yourself with Better People – The key to improving ones lot in life is not only due to hard work & study, but also with whom you spend your time. Are they good for you? Are they someone that you would want to be like? Choose your circle of friends carefully, and take advice from those who can truly help and are interested in what’s best for you.

7) Don’t Trust the Mainstream Media – The “mainstream” media is now owned by just five large corporations. The owners don’t necessarily have your best interest in mind, but rather how to make more money from you!   The 24 hour a day messages to buy & the constant propaganda mean that one has to try and gather information away from television & the typical press. Search online for good sources of information, don’t trust the big news channels to give you a complete story as they all have an agenda.

8) Be Picky in Your Work – I recently read an article about blogging & the author coined a term that I immediately fell in love with: “awkwardly thorough.”

When you do something give it your best, then step back & take another last look. Ask yourself, “What else can be done to improve this?” Do a little more and you’ll stand out every time. Oftentimes the last tiny thing makes all the difference. Be picky, be a little bit of a perfectionist, be awkwardly thorough!

9) Save at Least 10% – Again & again, all the financial experts tell us to “pay ourselves first.” It’s great advice & the sooner that you begin to save a little, the sooner that “little” can grow into something bigger. Over the years, a habit of saving will mean a huge difference later. Money is a great tool when opportunities arise, but the lack of it is the ruin of many a hopeful venture.


Grandpa Ben


©2014 Ben Gangloff

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