Machu Picchu Monday

The excitement is growing as we’re finally actually doing some serious planning for our Peru trip in the fall. We have our tickets to Lima, and did surprisingly well on Copa Airlines. We like them because it’s a relatively quick flight, and coming back it’s a daytime flight (arriving Vegas at night.)

Leaving however, is a different story. The flight departs at 01:33 AM, so it’s a late night at the airport, and a red-eye flight. It always leaves me a little dazed, but  it ends up going fast as we sleep through the Las Vegas to Panama City part (about 6 hours,) and then drift in and out from Panama to Lima.

We arrive at 3:17 PM local Lima time, and will slouch over to the hotel, and grimly try and stay awake until as late as possible. Tentatively, our friends should be arriving at midnight. We don’t have their details yet…

Machu Picchu