Mistura 2015 – Gastronomy Fair Peru, Isn’t Just for Foodies

Mistura 2015, Peru’s world renowned gastronomy fair is now in full swing, featuring exhibitions of artisan works,  educational sessions, and of course wonderful Peruvian fruits, vegetables, and every kind of cuisine imaginable. If that’s not enough, there are traditional dance groups, musical events, and even food trucks!

This event is the eighth year, and is being presented oceanside in the Costa del Sol park below Magdalena del Mar. It’s the second largest foodie fair in the world, and attendees come from all over the globe to sample award winning plates, and the best of Peru.

We stopped in to check it out:

A Little of Everything

From every kind of regional dish to coffee & chocolates, whatever your in the mood for is available. When you’re finished eating, you can sample craft beers in “Beer World,” or head over to the Pisco Salon and sample the best of Peruvian Pisco, the traditional drink.

Fine crafted goods ranging from traditional textiles and fine jewelry to hand carved wooden items are all on display for the discerning shopper.

Nights become a party, as music fills the air, and the workday crowds begin to arrive, and families head home. A good time for all…

Mistura 2015 – In Photos

Mistura 2015 – Magdalena del Mar Peru

Pachamanca at Mistura 2015

On the grounds at Mistura 2015

Many regional coffees were presented at Mistura 2015

Maize – Mistura 2015

Lots of fruits and vegetables at Mistura 2015


Grilling Pork Mistura 2015

Grilled Chicken Mistura 2015

Greens Pizza – Mistura 2015

Enjoying the Day Mistura 2015

El Chinito from Barranco Mistura 2015

Turkey Sandwich El Chinito Mistura 2015

You never know who you will see

Wonderful Jams Mistura 2015

Trout on the grill Mistura 2015

Traditional Ice Cream Preparation Live at Mistura 2015

The Grand Market Mistura 2015

Sushi food truck at Mistura 2015

So many chocolates and free samples Mistura 2015

Salon de Pisco Mistura 2015

Potatoes, a Peruvian Delight – Mistura

Pachamanca is prepared in heated stone covered pits – Mistura 2015

Dancing in the streets at Mistura 2015

Cutting sugar cane into pieces Mistura 2015

Cremoladas Mistura 2015


Ceviche well represented at Mistura 2015

Beer World Mistura 2015

Breads of all kinds

Cenfrocafe at Mistura 2015

Arabica at Mistura 2015

Another Food Truck Mistura 2015

Amazing Shrimp Soup Mistura 2015

Mural near entrance Mistura 2015

Knife Juggler

Happy Visitor Inside Beer World Mistura 2015

In the Pisco Salon

Entry area Mistura 2015

Beer World at night Mistura 2015

Bon Apetit!

©2015 Ben Gangloff

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Tarapoto – City of the Palms

At the Curibamba Booth Mistura 2015

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