Peru aspires to join the select cocoa market

Via Gestion Peru:

Exports of fine aromatic cocoa from Peru have been growing at an annual rate of 22.5%, according to Jose Iturrios of Alliance Cacao Peru.

New opportunities in the international market for fine aromatic cocoa involve diversifying product supplier countries, and Peru aims to become one of the leading producers of this sector, but must keep up the competitive standards and quality in production, said José Iturrios, national director of the Alliance Cacao Peru.

Via Gestion Peru (Google translate & authors corrections for clarity:)

“There is interest in mechanizing the process to lower labor costs while being careful that it does not distort the taste of the cocoa. If we aspire to enter the selective market of fine aromatic cocoa, rather than the conventional cocoa market, it is quite volatile, and we must sacrifice the cost, time and production in order to win with taste and price,” he added.

He mentioned that in the past five years, exports of fine aromatic cocoa and Peru have been at a rate of annual growth of 22.5%.

“This product is increasingly important for our country and there is a bright, profitable, and sustainable long-term economic opportunity, it is also socially inclusive,” he said.

The world market distinguishes between two categories of cocoa: the fine aromatic and conventional. The fine aromatic cocoa is produced mainly in Ecuador, Papua New Guinea, Dominican Republic, Peru, Madagascar and Venezuela.

Truffles – La Exotica Tarapoto, Peru

The fine flavor cocoas come from the varieties known as “criollo cacao” and “Trinitarian cacao”. These products are sought for many chocolate manufacturers in the world who appreciate quality due to the unique aromatic and floral flavors they have. The fine aromatic cocoa is a product that reflects the biodiversity of Peru.

For its part, the Venezuelan agronomist Alvaro Gomez, said that “to make the best chocolate  one must uncover the secret is in each one of the great flavors of fine aromatic cocoa that are particular to Peru”.

Gomez visited Lima to deliver the keynote address “The post harvest cocoa bean flavor: how to make the best chocolate with the best cocoa in the world,” in order to know the secrets of the post harvest of fine aromatic cocoa  for excellence in the production of chocolate, which was organized by the Alliance Cacao Peru.

For Gomez, cocoa quality is born in the field and is manifested throughout post-harvest processes. It is  considered that the fine aromatic cocoa and excellence is the ingredient in the chocolate, which is why the world market is beginning to demand this product.

“The challenge for Peru is to discover the secret is in each one of the finest cocoa aromas and flavors that are released specifically from the fermentation and drying and then roasting process. This requires care that times and temperatures are used properly to fit each of these cocoas. In the post harvest in order to achieve and to make the best chocolate, one must watch the manual craftsmanship, as it was 200 years ago. That ensures the quality of fine cocoa aroma, “he added.

Source: Perú aspira a ingresar en el mercado selectivo del cacao | Economía |

There are some truly amazing cocoa beans here in Peru. We’ve sampled some astonishingly rich aromatic cocoa & it is such a joy. We love cacao!!

Makes me yearn for chocolate right now. It’s not just for breakfast anymore!

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