Peru: Coffee Production Looks Strong for 2016

We’re hearing anecdotally that Peru’s coffee production is going to be strong this year, maybe even returning to levels not seen since 2011 before the dreaded coffee rust came.

It’s not just coffee though, other export crops are fairing well in Peru:


Peru to double its exports by 2021

According to the Exporters Association (Adex), despite the stagnation experienced in 2015, Peruvian agricultural exporters expect to double exports to USD $10 billion dollars in 2021.

The union’s goal for 2016 is to surpass the USD $6 billion dollars in exports, thus overcoming the USD $5.093 billion dollars and 0.06 percent drop over 2014 achieved in 2015.

According to data from Adex, 85 percent of the non-traditional agricultural exports abroad are of fresh grapes, coffee, asparagus, avocado, quinoa, fresh mangoes, organic bananas, and paprika.

Worldwide, Peru is the number one exporter of asparagus (fresh, frozen and canned), quinoa, and maca; the second biggest exporter of asparagus and artichokes; the third biggest exporter of organic bananas and dried paprika, and the fourth largest exporter of table grapes and paprika powder.”

Actually, we have 15 to 17 products that are going to be strengthened in the market this year. Above all, however, we are working hard on positioning these products. That means that an important element in the competitive analysis is what position we occupy in the ranking,” said the CEO of Adex, Jorge Rochabrunt.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Minagri) said Peru exported agricultural products to 150 destinations. They also stated that the United States was their main market with 25 percent of the total, followed by China, Ecuador and Spain.”

Currently, our main agricultural export are grapes. Grape exports have had a sustained growth in recent years as a result of the timely investment made in this area. These crops often take three to five years to strongly enter the market,” said Guillermo Rebosio, an adviser for the Minagri.

The South American country has existing trade agreements with 19 countries and regions and it is in negotiations with five other nations to sign more agreements.

Source: Xinhua, Publication date: 3/24/2016

Source: Peru to double its exports by 2021

The Central Highway has been closed for days at a time as landslides inundate roadways (Photo: El Comercio)


While El Niño has reduced coffee production in some parts of Columbia, so far the coffee crop appears to be doing well in Peru. In spite of torrential rains that have played havoc with many of the main roads, we’re not seeing bad effects on fruiting. Maybe the best Peruvian coffee ever? We’ll see…