Peruvian documentary to be featured in Iquique film festival

For film and ceramics buffs here’s an article from Peru This Week:

Peruvian documentary to be featured in Iquique film festival

Peruvian documentary “Pucara: Hacedores de Ceramica” (Ceramic Makers) will be featured in the Iquique International Film Festival’s 7th edition in Chile starting this weekend.



Beginning Feb. 9, the Iquique International Film Festival will be featuring films from all over the world, including a Peruvian documentary about ceramicists of Pucara.

“This short film is a summary of our trip, where we discover the charming personality of the Pucaran ceramist, the impressive quality of their works and the story, unconcluded yet, about their intendtions to develop an industry about their arts,” said the producers, Victor Mendivil and Carlos Garcia.

Participating countries include Chile, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, France, Denmark, Peru and others, concluding a total of 30 different films. From Feb. 9-13, these films will be shared in an open environment and promote cultural exchange and dialogue among participants.

Pucara is located in southern Peru in the region of Puno and is known for ceramics, Lake Titicaca, and the annual Candelaria Festival.

Original article here.

The Chilean film festival will feature “Pucara: Hacedores de Ceramica.” (Photo: Cortesia)

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