In Praise of the Aeropress Coffee Maker


The Aeropress coffee maker is our latest toy. While not truly espresso, it makes a delicious coffee rich in flavor & has now become our favorite way to make our daily java. Check it out…

The Aeropress Coffee Maker

According to the official Aeropress website, it produces the smoothest, richest, purest, and most importantly for the morning craving – the fastest brew method for coffee. We tend to concur. After years of being die hard French Press coffee drinkers, we were immediately converted when we tried the Aeropress for the very first time. Yummy! It has a delicious taste & really seems to preserve the full point of origin flavors present in the coffee.

Let’s take a look:

Mighty claims on the box, so we’ll have to see & taste for ourselves.

Inside the box

Here’s all that comes with the Aeropress :

Box, filters, coffee scoop, plunger (shown inside of chamber in photo,) funnel, stir stick

Preparing Coffee

Here’s how the manual says to prepare the coffee:

1) Separate the extraction chamber from the plunger

2) Put a filter in the filter cap, and twist the filter cap onto the extraction chamber

3) Stand the chamber on a sturdy mug

4) Put two scoops of fine drip coffee

5) Pour hot water slowly into the chamber up to number 2

(Water should be lower than boiling, best 185-195 F)

6) Mix water and coffee with the stirrer for 10 seconds

7) Plunge slowly for 20-30 seconds

8) Congrats! You’ve made a very tasty coffee concentrate.

Mix with hot water to your taste. Some say that the concentrate freezes well.

Savoring the Coffee

We tried it out, and now I can’t stop yearning for that next delicious cup.

We typically add about another 40-50% volume of hot water & ah, the taste. Yum! Really good coffee, even better than a French Press.


Pros: Wonderful Coffee, super easy cleanup

Cons: Doesn’t prepare much, may cause addictive behavior, needs filters


     Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker

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