Real People, Really Good Coffee June 2016 Update

June was a busy time in the Coffee World with Coffee Fest Dallas, and World of Coffee in Dublin, Ireland. Check out our link to upcoming coffee events here.

We’ve been spending our time promoting the last of the current crop, and if all goes well, we should have new crop by the end of September. Meanwhile, it’s been a hectic flurry of everything from emails & phone calls, to select mailings and personal visits. All is being done to keep A Little Further South Coffee fresh in the minds of coffee lovers and specialty coffee roasters all over the Southwest. Our first container has been moving, but there’s a lot of work that goes into getting a commitment to buy from new clients. Our coffee is a minuscule amount in the big world of coffee, but it’s also huge amount, when it’s up to one to sell it.

We look back at the last few years of importing and  roasting, and how far we’ve come in not only practical experience, but true knowledge of coffee and the many facets that bring these wonderful beans to our table every day.

We’re anxious to get back to Peru, and taste this year’s finest Peruvian coffees. We thank you for all your support as we build long term relationships with growers in an economically fair, and sustainable manner. (As much as we possibly can, it certainly is a daunting task.)

From the Farms

As I write this, workshops are progressing for this years’ Curibamba Coffee Project. More samples will soon be on the way for cupping, and we expect to have the highest quality scores ever. It’s been an impressive run, with cupping scores of just a couple of years ago rarely finishing over 81-82.5, but now there are many lots in the 83-84 range, and some breaking over 85, which is very good indeed.

The last workshops focused on selective harvesting, washing, proper fermentation techniques, and peparation for drying the parchment coffee in solar drying tents.

Here are a few photos from the last workshops:


Separating the Coffee Cherry from the Parchment Coffee

Temperature is Carefully Monitored during Fermentation


Coffee on the Solar Drying Table


And Now

We’re planning logistics & timing, and staying super busy.

Happy 4th of July! Stay tuned for more news as we receive it!