Real People, Really Good Coffee Update November 2015

November has been a busy month once again, and many good things are happening.

Green coffee sales are on the rise with several new customers & roasted coffee continues to sell well.

The new look website is up and running with an easier to use shopping cart, and a fresh look. If you see anything that doesn’t look or respond right, please let us know.

Dago and Cesar Marin from Chacra D’dago

A Visit from the Farm – Chacra D’dago

We’re pleased to announce that Cesar Marin from Biodynamic Chacra D’dago will be visiting in February.

He’ll be presenting on biodynamic farming methods and speaking about what’s happening for harvest 2016. Locations and a schedule to follow. He will be making presentations in LA, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Mohave County. Anyone interested in either hosting, or attending please drop me an email.

This will be an opportunity to meet with a real grower, ask any questions you might have, and get a better look at the reality behind your coffee plus learn about biodynamic farming.

Cesar recently visited Expo Milan, and some roasters that import their coffee to Germany. We’re thrilled to have him see this “end” of the coffee chain. Cesar in my mind is an important link in that same coffee chain. At just 29, he’s one of the “new generation” of coffee farmers.

This is vital as the average age of the coffee growers today is 54. Many young people in the coffee regions don’t view coffee as a viable income future, and many are abandoning the farms. Cesar has worked hard to put Chacra D’dago on the map as the Chacra hosts barista & growing classes as well as Point of Origin trips.

In addition to coffee, the farm has many rare medicinal herbs & an abundance of fruits and vegetables. The family is constantly working to refine and test agricultural methods to improve soil quality especially with trace minerals that are not often found in “conventional” practice farms. With some products there are also economic opportunities.

Sampling Coffees in the Curibamba Workshop

The Curibamba Coffee Project

Curibamba Coffee was recently presented at Expo Milan to rave reviews. From just the humble beginnings three years ago, the project is gaining recognition & the coffee continues to grow richer & more flavorful every year. Organic fertilizers, solar drying tents & tables, the careful attention to best standards, and hard work is paying off for the farmers.

The upcoming year will be even better, as the word is spreading & the farmers are engaged in a friendly competition to produce the highest cupping scores. We’ll be involved in the logistics end of things after the coffee is harvested; it’s still a long way from the field to the port. We’re in regular communication with Edegel who sponsors the project, and David Bisetti of Lima who is leading the educational parts of the project. Every year we learn a little bit more of what works well, and what pitfalls to avoid.

Thanks to all who have supported Curibamba Coffee. Every year, more farmers are utilizing better wash & dry techniques. Every solar drying tent, every new drying table means better quality, and higher earnings. During this time of low commodity coffee prices, our support is even more important. The investment in education leads to a permanent improvement in quality & earnings. Even if it’s just one or eight small villages, it’s a long term change that helps to better the communities, and in a small way, contribute to a sustainable coffee chain.

Horst Gehrmann talks about his farm – Finca El Dorado Peru

Finca El Dorado

Horst Gehrmann of Finca El Dorado is continuing to partner with other growers to learn best practices for harvesting, fermenting, drying, and handling of his already rich, delicious coffee. He’s looking forward to harvest 2016 with a new “toolbox” of techniques to provide the best flavors.

Each year brings new knowledge, and the coffee will continue to be even better “in the cup.”

Urbano Taipe Fundo Santa Maria Mazamari Peru

Fundo Santa Maria

Urbano Taipe and his family are excited to know that the coffee is being enjoyed in the US. In Mazamari, the new Cooperative “The Development of the Production of Cacao & Coffee in Agro-Forestal Systems” (my translation!) has been working with both coffee and cocoa growers in the area & surrounding mountain regions to improve quality and increase the profitability of small farmers.  The Taipe family actually live about 2 1/2 hours from Mazamari in the highlands (6,000 ft) near to Los Angeles de Eden.

We look to see better coffee & cocoa coming out of this area which now has weekly flights from Lima, so it’s considerably easier to access.


Holiday Season

We’ll be limiting some of our offerings for the upcoming holiday season. We’ll return to our normal offerings of roasted and green coffee in January.

Please get any orders in early to ensure prompt delivery.

We’ll be spending time with family, and hope that all of you will have a blessed and happy season, and may we all have a prosperous 2016!