Recipe: Want a cremolada to beat the heat? Learn how to prepare it! – Peru this Week


Recently, a family member started preparing cremoladas in Tarapoto, Peru. Cremoladas are what we would call fruit smoothies. The best part of a Peruvian cremolada is the amazing fruits that are available. Very delicious! Here’s an article about a cremolada shop in Miraflores.

I realize for many in the US today, the thought of icy cold drinks may not be appealing. Think summer!

Recipe: Want a cremolada to beat the heat? Learn how to prepare it!

January 28, 2015

Published in El Comercio

Translated and adapted by Natasha Clay

MenúPerú visited Curich to show you how to prepare a cremolada like the experts.


Located in Miraflores for over 30 years, a Croatian family with culinary traditions has offered an ideal way to beat the scorching heat without adding any extra pounds. We’re talking about the cremoladería Curich, experts in preparing one of the most glorious, frozen Limeño treats.

MenúPerú has developed a special on summer desserts and, therefore, invited Troika Curich, manager and precursor of the franchise, to show us a great diet version of the cremolada.

Curich reveals the simplicity of her infallible formula: abundant fruits (many of them native to Peru such as, camu camu, arazá and aguaje for example), water, sweetener, and savory juices, all of which are then liquefied with a simple and easy technique that leaves the ideal consistency. This recipe allows you to experiment with flavors, such as pisco sour and algarrobina.

Cremolada Tutorial

Video here. (Spanish)

In this tutorial, the expert teaches us to prepare a unique and easy strawberry cremolada made with pure fruit juice, stevia and water or milk in small amounts. Do you dare to try making it at home?


Jr. Bolognesi 755, Miraflores Lima, Peru

via Recipe: Want a cremolada to beat the heat? Learn how to prepare it! – Peru this Week.

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