This page is to share resources about Peru, Coffee & Travel as we find them. Although we use many of them, if you see something amiss, please let us know. Suggestions are always welcome.

Peru Info & Travel:

Peru This Week

Coffee Links

SCAA Specialty Coffee Association of America

ACE Alliance for Coffee Excellence

NCA National Coffee Association

ICO International Coffee Association

Another Great Coffee Link

Expo Cafe Lima, Peru

Coffee Roasting/Preparation

Barista Guild of America

Speciality Coffee Association of Europe

Roasters Guild of America

World Coffee Roasting Championship

Sustainable Farming/Fair Trade/Organic Organizations

Farmers Market Coalition

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

Organic Consumers Association

Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) International

World Fair Trade Organization

Fairtrade International

Women & Coffee

Friendship Bridge

International Women’s Coffee Alliance

Café Femenino

Trade Journals/Magazines/Online Resources

Roast Magazine

Coffee & Tea Trade Journal

Fresh Cup Magazine

CoffeeTalk Magazine

Barista Magazine

Coffee Review

Stir Magazine

Daily Coffee News

Beginning Farmers

Acres USA

Language Sites:

Great Spanish Study Site

Learn Any Language

Peru News (in Spanish)

El Comercio