Links: 6/7/17

It’s getting warm here in northwest Arizona, which is typical this time of year. Often, we’re stuck inside as the sun is too hot to hang outside for very long. Time for a nice cold brew!

Meanwhile, here’s something for your summertime sipping pleasure:

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Maturing Coffee beans


Real People, Really Good Coffee March 2017

It’s been a delightful Spring here in northwest Arizona. It’s a great time to be out visiting customers and green coffee clients all over the southwest from Las Vegas to Tucson & over to LA & Orange counties.

Meanwhile, in the home office, we’re roasting fresh coffee daily for our “regulars,” and packing and shipping green coffee for our home/market roasters. It’s a busy routine, yet it’s a daily thrill to know that our coffees are being roasted and shared in so many places.

At the same time, the farmers are preparing for the upcoming harvest season. It’s still very early in the season, but within the next month the earliest coffee beans will ripen, and with that the first tastes of the 2017 crop. The Curibamba group of farmers is in the process of becoming a full fledged coffee cooperative, which allows for better shared resources, and especially important are the certifications that are feasible only at the group level due to the high costs.

It’s an exceptional Spring, and the weather has been near perfect, so it’s only fitting to share a few pictures from “the neighborhood.”


Mountains Glowing yellow this year

Hualapai Mountain View

Joshua Tree in flower