Isla Blanca: Hidden Treasure of Chimbote

Off the coast of Chimbote, on the north central coast of Peru 420 kilometers (260 mi) north of Lima, lies Isla Blanca. Once a world renowned source of valuable guano for fertilizer, recently it’s become a favorite summer destination for locals and tourists. Via El Comercio Peru (Google translate and authors corrections for clarity.)

Every weekend, a part of the peaceful bay in the Ancashino Sea becomes the distraction for hundreds of locals and foreign tourists.

The reason? This area of the coast, rarely visited before, today is filled with vacationers in search of a treasure island called Blanca. This marvel flown by thousands of sea birds is northeast of Chimbote, in the province of Santa, exactly five kilometers away from the coast and about 20 minutes by boat from the nearest port.

To enjoy all this place, one must embark on the Chimbote Port Terminal or the private dock Gildemeister. The seasoned seamen advise that it is best to leave in the morning to enjoy the place all day long. Read more