Links: 9/1/2017

Happy Labor day weekend to all! Here’s some reading tidbits. Enjoy, and be safe out there!


Make Cold Brew at Home

Coffee & Chocolate Exhibition 12/3-12/6/17 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

If you’re over 45, drinking coffee reduces mortality (self starting video)

Micro Coffee Festival Brazil September 27-28 Franca, Brazil

Coffee, an American tale

California Initiative would legalize psychedelic mushrooms  (In Amsterdam, it already is, and has been for years.)

Coffee Fest Portland, OR October 13-15

Peru’s Coffee production showing increase through 2017


CoffeeFest Anaheim with Pictures

We just attended the CoffeeFest Anaheim trade show in Southern California. It was an excellent event, featuring useful classes, plenty of networking opportunities, and endless samples of exceptional coffees (hot and cold brew) as well as tea & flavored drinks.

Held at the Anaheim Convention Center, CoffeeFest Anaheim was one of several CoffeeFest Events held every year. There were espresso and cold brew contests. We were thrilled when our Peruvian Chasqui coffee was included in a cold blend that won 2nd place. Congratulations to Damian Scott of Scotty D’s Jamaican Coffee who took home the prize. (First place for cold brew was Klatch coffee.)

Loaded with vendors hawking everything from eco friendly cups to flavorings & food items for coffee shops, there was something for everyone. In addition to coffee & coffee supplies, there were an abundance of tea vendors and green coffee sellers. There was even an earplug vendor. (Those earplugs come in handy at the farm where roosters like to start at 2:30 am!)

We made the rounds, took in some classes, and reconnected with coffee friends from all over the country. It was especially nice to be able to meet with our California friends who we don’t get to see as much as we’d like.

The event seemed well attended & we look forward to seeing everyone again at the Specialty Coffee Big Event in April.

Here’s a few photos that we took. Enjoy! Read more

CoffeeFest Dallas Coming June 12-16

CoffeeFest Dallas will be starting soon. Scheduled from June 12-16, this event will feature the best of local baristas, and vendors of coffee products from an industry wide pool. Also featured are classes in a variety of topics for everyone. Besides a variety of educational opportunities, there will be networking opportunities, and even roasting tours. Enjoy!

Welcome to Coffee Fest Dallas 2016 Where passionate coffee and tea professionals will learn skills, receive education and experience new products, alongside great networking.

Registration Info Early Bird Registration Deadline:

Register before May 23, 2016 for a General Admission price of only $30. After this date, General Admission is $40. *Please Note: No children under 13 (including infants) are admitted to Coffee Fest. Registration Questions? Send us your inquiries.

Source: Coffee Fest Dallas 2016 | Coffee Fest | Specialty Coffee Tradeshow