Upcoming Coffee Events

Sensory Forum, Nantou City, Taiwan July 18-19th Link here.

Malaysia Coffee Fest, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia July 25-28th Link here.

Latin America Coffee Summit, Mexico City, Mexico August 1-3 Link here.

Cold Brew Fest, Vancouver, WA, August 3 Link here.

Coffee Fest LA, Los Angeles, CA August 25-27th Link here.


Cold Brew Wasn’t Invented Yesterday, So Here’s Some Historical Perspective

It’s the time of year when cold drinks help quench your summer thirst (at least in the northern hemisphere!) While it may seem new, iced coffee has been around for quite a while: Via Roast Magazine:

Every summer, articles abound on the season’s latest cold drink trends. This year especially has seen an explosion of bottled cold-brew coffee products on shelves from coast to coast. Casual media outlets tend to react to a spike in any trend as though it manifests out of thin air, entirely by surprise, but there is good reason most packaged cold brew drinks today appear as though they’d be right at home on the shelves of 1960s grocery stores.

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