Expo Cafe Peru 2015 – 5th Anniversary

The 5th Expo Cafe Peru was recently held in Lima. Highlighting the finest coffees & chocolate of Peru, the event also seeks to promote specialty coffees in the Andean nation, where most of the best coffees are exported to Europe & the US.

Via Peru This Week:

The annual event held its fifth anniversary this past weekend, aiming to promote national chocolate and coffee producers.

In the streets of London, Lima features on the tip of many tongues. They are, however, not explicitly referring to the bustling metropolis overlooking the green waves of Costa Verde. They are alluding to the Peruvian restaurant in London which has thrilled gourmets at home and abroad.

The international, gastronomical footprint of Peru is growing without displaying any hint at coming to a halt. And observing the rise of culinary Peru from the outside, there are few reasons why the perceivable future would demand an end.

Peru’s diversity is a defining aspect of the Pacific nation. Above all, the food and drink stand as a testament to the impressive variety the country consist off. From ceviche and chifa to turrón and chicha morada, Peru’s gastronomical inventions are the blissful result of multicultural creativity and ingredients in abundance.

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Bewilderingly enough, however, Peru has remained an absent name from the two consumables that large parts of the world would probably collapse without: namely chocolate and coffee. Read more