Medical Tourism News Roundup 12/12/14


Medical tourism continues to grow every year, and is expected to continue expanding as deductibles rise & as more and more companies self insure to save costs. Some employers are covering all travel costs (including expenses for spouses) as an incentive to encourage employees to consider medical travel.

Here are some recent articles regarding medical tourism that may be of interest:
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Peru Hosts Highly Polluting Climate Change Conference

Peru Hosts 2014 Climate Change Conference 

Monday December 1, 2014

Today begins the 2014 UN Climate change summit being held in Lima, Peru. Over 190 Nations will be in attendance with a goal of reaching an historic new agreement to reduce carbon emissions which will be signed  in 2015. Negotiations have been ongoing for over 20 years, and recently US President Barack Obama & and Chinas’ leadership agreed to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Notable attendees will be Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore, as well as delegations from many nations. The meetings will take place between today and December 12th. This will be the 20th session of the UN Climate Change Conference.

Strutting & pontificating are nice, and so good in front of the camera, but what we need is real action & not celebrity endorsements from heavy polluters whose lifestyles contribute more to global warming than most of us.

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Real People, Really Good Coffee – David Torres Bisetti

David Bisetti

This week in Real People, Really Good Coffee we’ll visit with our good friend:

David Torres Bisetti – Lima, Peru

Several years ago, I had the good fortune of connecting with David Torres Bisetti at the Mistura Gastronomy Fair in Lima, and through that association met the people involved in the Curibamba project in Chanchamayo, Peru. David is quiet with a soft spoken nature, but you quickly sense his dedication and expertise with coffee. It’s a passion in him that dates back to his grandparents in 1958.

Today, he’s the owner of two coffee shops in Lima, one in Larcomar in Miraflores, and the more recent Tostaduria Bisetti in the historic artist district of Barranco.
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What If You Could Save $10,000?

What if you could save $10,000? It’s a lot of money, a house in some places today in the US. It’s a hell of a vacation, it’s a decent used car, that boat you’ve had your eye on, a start on that cabin you’ve dreamed of, or your own small business. Whatever it could represent in your life, did you want it to go to an insurance company instead of your pocket? As Healthcare/Sickcare costs rise each year, many will opt to travel abroad to save thousands rather than fork it over to pay inflated medical costs.
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