Oxapampa: Secret Austrian-German community in Peru

Oxapampa is close to where we get a large part of our coffee, a region with a substantial number of descendants of German, Austrian, and Italian immigrants. Way out in the jungle, who would have thought?

Came across this excellent article about Oxapampa & the surrounding area. It’s a beautiful city in a higher region, and is known for it’s natural grandeur, and also for the fine cheeses that are produced here plus an abundance of fruits and vegetables. One immediately notices the different European style homes, and those names that aren’t Spanish…

Thanks to Jorge R. for this one.

Via HubPages:

Oxapampa, Peru: The secret Austrian-German community in the Peruvian Jungle

Oxapampa is a city 5,941 feet (1,814m) above sea level located in the Pasco Region of Central Peru, in an area known as the Selva Alta or “high jungle”.

Lima is 282 miles (454km) away from Oxapampa and the journey by road will take about 8 hours (in a four wheeled drive vehicle), and 11 to 12 hours by bus.

Roads around the area are mainly rubble surfaced or dirt tracks, and distances between places may seem reasonable until you factor in the poor condition of the roads which are frequently washed away by floods and landslides.

There are a number of tour companies providing package holidays, guided tours and activity based trips to Oxapampa and its surrounding regions.


About a third of the population living in Oxapampa are descendants of a Tyrolean (Austrian) and Prussian (German) community of 70 families that settled in the region in 1859, initially in Pozuzo which is 50 miles (80km) away.

The colonists originally arrived at Port Callao in Lima after a four month journey by sea. They immediately encountered problems as Peru was entering a state of civil war. Some chose to stay in Lima while others sailed to Port Huacho where they were not well received by the local authorities. Read more