Tbt: Old Peru

Today’s look back is a historical photo from a market in Juliaca, Peru. (Via

An Indian Market Scene, Juliaca, Peru (Photo: Cardcow)

Tbt: Vintage Peru

Here’s an old postcard from the Port of Talara which is located in Piura in Northwest Peru.

View of the Talara Port (Via Cardcow)


Postcard Back

Tbt: Old Peru

Gee, it’s Thursday already…

The things he’s seen…

El Anciano (The ancient one)


Tbt: Old Cuzco

Another Thursday, another look back.

Today is the first day of the 2017 Specialty Coffee Association Expo in Seattle. Welcome all coffee lovers!

Calle de Loreto, Cuzco Peru (Photo: Cardcow)

Tbt: Old Peru

Another look back…

Church of San Agustin façade Lima, Peru (Photo: Cardcow)


Tbt: Old Peru

Vintage from Cuzco…Enjoy!

Grace Line – Country Scene (Photo: Cardcow)

Tbt: Old Peru

Pisac is a village below Cuzco in the Sacred Valley of Peru. They have a wonderful market in the town center. The specialty is hand woven fabrics & tapestries that are of high quality, but very reasonable. Very picturesque with the towering sides of the Andes which then slopes even lower as one approaches Machu Picchu.

Here’s a look back…

Indian Mayor in Sunday Dress Pisac, Peru (Photo Cardcow)