Real People, Really Good Coffee February 2017

You might think that all we think about is coffee, and although it consumes the majority of our time, we do also have other interests. One of those interests is the community of Yucca, Arizona where we live. Yucca is a small town, but has a rich history and in the last few years many people have moved here, as the 150,000 acre Santa Fe Ranch was developed into 40 acre parcels beginning in the late 1990’s.

Many folks have moved to this paradise where Mohave desert meets Sonoran blue skies in order to escape the craziness and noise of the cities. The quiet of the desert coupled with the natural beauty here is an inspiration to artists as well as anyone who is creative.

One of those artists is Jim Federico who moved to this area from California. Jim had a vision of a mural for the town, and impromptu meetings led to the formation of the Yucca Area Arts Council (YAAC.) It took over a year of discussions, sketches, and planning, but we are now beginning the long awaited mural. Many thanks to all who have labored to make the mural a reality.

Work started Tuesday February 7th, and we continued on the 10th. Next week, more!

Here’s a look of where we are as of today:


Yucca Mural 2017

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You may be wondering what YAAC is. Well, it’s the Yucca Area Arts Council. Newly formed, and very enthusiastic, we’re launching our very first event to coincide with the Yucca Arts and Crafts fair on Saturday December 3rd. The Crafts will be held at the Yucca Fire Station, and the artists exhibit & music will be held at the Brooks Real Estate office on the eastern side of I40. There will be signs to point the  way.
Stop by and enjoy some wonderful music this Saturday in beautiful downtown Yucca, Arizona.
We’ll also have fresh roasted coffee for sale!
Yucca Area Arts Council Presents

Yucca Area Arts Council Presents



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