The Cats of Kennedy Park – Miraflores


Statue Dedicate to John F. Kennedy


While in Miraflores, be sure to stop by and see Kennedy Park, also known as one of the “Parques de Los Gatos” (Parks of the Cats.) Loaded with unwanted & abandoned cats, cat loving volunteers have worked to insure their health. Each cat is vaccinated & over 35 pounds of food are fed them every day. Here’s a look at the park…


A Crazy Cat Persons Dream








The cats seem to be happy as they stroll amongst the flowers and even climb the trees of the park. The park is beautiful, although it has a certain “air” about it.

Cat in tree at Kennedy Park Miraflores Peru




New Friends

Dedicated to John F. Kennedy

The park was dedicated to the life of John F. Kennedy. The sign reads, “John F. Kennedy 1917-1963, Was the 35th President of the United States of America, considered as an icon of the American aspirations & hopes.” Kennedy helped Peru with economic aid during his stint as president, and the park was dedicated in gratitude to his memory.

Parque John F Kennedy


Kennedy Bust

The plaque on the statue reads,” John F. Kennedy President of the United States 1961-1963 in Memory 40 Years Since His Death As a Symbol of Brotherhood between the cities of Pensacola and Miraflores.” The statue and plaque were dedicated In 2003.


Kennedy Plaque

Selling Treats in the Park

Flowers in Kennedy Park Miraflores Peru

Children played, and it was the perfect day for a stroll, and the late afternoon ambiance was delightful.

After a quick round of the park, I worked my way over to the adjoining park, and noticed a wedding party arriving with an antique car, quite the sight.



Packed and Ready

Near Kennedy Park

Miraculous Virgen Church, Miraflores Peru

It was a pleasant fall day & the park was full of all ages & accents. Nearby shoppers bustled along, some slowly savoring the shops, others with their packages hustling to be somewhere else. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon…

©2015 Ben Gangloff

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