The Impressive & Terrible Landslides in Chosica


South of Lima in Chosica, where we often travel on our way to the coffee growing regions of Chanchamayo, there have been torrential rains leading to catastrophic landslides. The following link leads to the Spanish site El Comercio. There are some fairly impressive videos & photos of the immense damage caused there.


Landslide Chosica Photo Sociedad El Comercio

Magnitude of the Landslides in Chosica

Via WhatsApp of El Comercio, Peru (Using Google Translate with Author Corrections for clarity:)

Neighbors in Chosica neighbors shared videos of the grave situation experienced yesterday during the fall of landslides that left a total of seven dead, 25 injured, 110 families damaged and 95 others affected by the landslides.

Huge rock boulders, tons of mud, and rushing water left a swath of destruction with seven deaths reported, and more missing and presumed dead.

Click the link below to see the impressive videos of the destruction in Chosica (Spanish)

via WhatsApp: esta fue la magnitud de huaicos en Chosica [VIDEO] | El Comercio Peru.

Over 5,000 Students Affected by Landslide School Closures

Via El Comercio, Peru (Using Google Translate with Author Corrections for clarity:)

Thirty-seven schools in Chosica were affected so far… The 37 affected campuses serve approximately 5496 students and 357 teachers in 231 classrooms. The Emergency Operations Center MOE reported that all were evacuated to the high and safe areas when there was an emergency.

via Huaicos en Chosica: suspensión de clases afecta a 5 mil alumnos | Sucesos | Lima | El Comercio Peru.

Landslides flooding block Roadways Photo Johnny Aurazo

Routes in the Sierra de La Libertad were blocked by landslides

The regional director for the province of Gran Chimu, La Libertad, Joel Diaz, told El Comercio that two sections of the road in this sector have been hampered by the fall of landslides.

It is tranches Baños Chimú (Baths at Chimu) Sayapullo Lick and Huancay COMPIN The Huayo. According to the regional authority, in both areas, traffic is restricted.

Diaz recalled that yesterday Quirripe River flooded the road between Sausal with Pampas Jaguey and connects the province of Gran Chimu by Ascope. However, since then traffic has normalized because the water level dropped,” he said.

“There are machines working in two sections interrupted in Gran Chimu,” said Joel Diaz.

Peru has suffered tremendously with extreme flooding this year. Our best wishes go out to those families who have been affected.

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