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Real People, Really Good Coffee

Not much new to report this week. We’re a little behind as we had an out of town funeral to attend. I have made arrangements to interview several people, so soon I’ll have more to present.

I’ll be writing about the people who support our coffee, not only for the economic benefit, but who have a passion for coffee & support a fair market for all involved. I really do believe that we can all do a little to make the coffee trade equitable for all. Treating coffee as more than just a commodity & working to improve quality can provide a better and more consistent future income for the hard working (and it really is hard work) coffee growers.

The philosophy behind what we are doing is this: helping the farmers is not so much an act of charity, but rather a win-win for all. We get better coffee that our customers will pay a little more for, which in turn leads to better, more consistent earnings for the farmers and their families. This of course allows the grower to be able to spend the extra time to really pay attention to quality & still be able to feel it was worthy of the extra effort. It’s a virtuous circle where everyone plays a part. Meanwhile on our end of the coffee chain, we’re able to economically gather and bring to market micro-lots of specialty coffee & still make a living.

Online Coffee Shop is Open for Accessories Online

Check it out here. We’re once again shipping roasted coffee (yeah!) Special thanks to those who jumped right on and ordered this past week. You made us smile a lot!

It truly is exciting to see Curibamba coffee being served in Kingman, Las Vegas & Phoenix.  We are working to provide fresh roasted coffee when we’re on the road & hope to have something in place later this year.

Besides coffee, we have recommended (as in we use them ourselves) coffee accessories, books etc. See our article on the Behmor Home Coffee Roaster this week. We love ours, and it is a great roaster for any use. There’s nothing like the aromas & sounds of roasting coffee!


Europe’s Fierce Fabled Villages

The Caucasus Mountain region of Svaneti is home to high mountain peaks, thousand-year-old defensive towers and an intense indigenous people who are trying to keep traditions alive. Great pictures. (BBC)

To Solve California’s Water Crisis, We Must Change the Nation’s Food System

Hence the increase in food exports from Peru! There is a connection…

The Failure of Modern Industrial Agriculture

Industrial farming is inherently inefficient & polluting.

Why the American Dream is unraveling, in 4 charts

The gap between internet “haves” vs internet “have-nots” is something that is occurring world wide. It’s not just the lack of knowledge, but the actual usage of the internet (productively or foolishly) that makes the difference between being a useful tool, or a time crippling distraction. Most of us probably fall somewhere in between.

How the U.S. Health Care System Compares Internationally

We’re Number One! At least in price…

The Undebtors: Sworn Enemies of the Vampires of Debt

From Charles Hugh Smith…

Quote of the week:

“What have we achieved in mowing down mountain ranges, harnessing the energy of mighty rivers, or moving whole populations about like chess pieces, if we ourselves remain the same restless, miserable, frustrated creatures we were before?”

Henry Miller

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