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Direct from small farmers to your shop/production roaster. Here’s the scoop:

We searched the mountain forests of Peru to find these delicious coffees. After finding a quality harvest in various micro-lots, we then preserve freshness using Grainpro bags inside of the traditional burlap.

We sell the green coffee in bags of 150 lbs each. Please call (928) 530-1235 for details & a quote, or email us (gangloff.ben.arizona at There is only a limited amount of this coffee available for this year.

Your purchase not only helps small farmers, but also helps us to continue to partner with these small producers by providing solar tents for coffee drying, water processing equipment etc. These tools help to improve overall quality & flavor, thus allowing the farmers to receive more for their “better” specialty grade coffee. It’s a virtuous circle, because then we have even better coffee to savor. Talk about win-win!

Here’s the Coffee Lineup for 2015:

Coffee drying table

Coffee drying table

Curibamba – This is year three of the Curibamba Coffee Project, and we’re seeing wonderful results from the growers. Your purchase helps support small family farmers as we buy this coffee directly from the producers. More Than Fair Certified.

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Dago and Cesar Marin from Chacra D'dago

Dago and Cesar Marin from Biodynamic Chacra D’dago

Chacra D’dago (Wet Processed) – Certified biodynamic & produced using ancient agricultural methods in conjunction with a complete circle of composting & natural fertilizers, we’re pleased to be able to offer some of this fine coffee.

Excellent in the cup with fruity overtones & a crisp acidity, it’s become a favorite now. We buy all Chacra D’dago directly from the Marin family. If you buy only one or two coffees this year, make sure you get some of the Chacra D’dago. Excelente!

For more about Chacra D’dago see our post here.

Chacra D’dago (Natural) – We have some limited quantities of this labor intensive, natural dried  (no water used) coffee. Each selectively picked coffee cherry is carefully fermented, and dried with full cherry. In the lab, this coffee had amazing blueberry & cherry tones. I wanted some immediately upon tasting it. Expensive, but worth it. Yum!

Curing Honey Processed Coffee Beans with the Coffee Cherry on Right

Curing Honey Processed Coffee Beans with the Coffee Cherry on Right


Chacra D’dago (Honey) – We have some limited quantities of this honey processed coffee. In the lab, this coffee had excellent fruity tones, and a sweet aftertaste. Yet another excellent coffee. Limited supply – only small, less than bag lots available


Gretel and Horst, Finca El Dorado

Gretel and Horst, Finca El Dorado


Horst Honey, Finca El Dorado – A neighboring farmer of Chacra D’dago has been working hard to produce fine specialty coffee. It also has excellent acidity & striking fruit overtones with just a hint of nuttiness. Sweet and delightful, you’ll love it!

For more on Finca El Dorado see here.

Urbano Taipe Fundo Santa Maria Mazamari Peru

Urbano Taipe Fundo Santa Maria Mazamari Peru

Fundo Santa Maria, Urbano Taipe – This wonderful coffee is produced at high elevations (1,800 m – 5,900 feet) and is a dense bean, rich in flavor, and we’re pleased to have a micro-lot of about 1,500 lbs. Urbano is serious about quality, and it shows. A very happy “find” for us. For more info on this grower and coffee see here.



Chasqui – this is a great coffee from a well know cooperative – Cenfrocafe in the Jaen/San Ignacio area of northern Peru. We’ve been enjoying this coffee for many years, and it’s one of our favorites. With a bright acidity and a nutty aftertaste with hints of oranges, this coffee is sure to please. We have committed to buying quite a few bags of this coffee, including some that is certified 100% Organic.

Cenfrocafe Logo

Cenfrocafe Logo


Apu Gourmet – Also from Cenfrocafe. Most of this coffee is exported to Japan. We feel that it’s perhaps the best commercially available coffee in Peru. Supplies are limited.

We go to the farm, so you don’t have to!

Thanks for your support.

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