6 Basic (but critical) Tips for Better Blogging

Although I’m relatively new to the blogging world, I’m no stranger to writing. The following tips are what I have learned from successful bloggers mixed with a few practical ideas of my own.

Tips for better blogging:

1) Define your target audience – This is vital for the success as a blogger. If your target audience is family and friends, then if they are reading, you are already a successful blogger. If you want a vibrant growing audience that interacts with you and your site, you need to “resonate” with them.

Narrow your focus as much as possible. Instead of “Guys who like to fish,” try “Guy who like to fish for trout and are between the ages of 25 to 40.” Who are they? What do they need? Answer those questions, and tailor your posts to them & watch your blog grow and flourish.

2) Write early, write often – So you want more visitors to your site? Simply write more. The fact is that more can be better (If it’s good content!) Personally, I tend to visit the sites that post frequently. If a blog posts weekly, I may not visit for a week or two & let them “build up” material for me to peruse. The prolific posters get more of my attention because I don’t want to “miss” anything.

Stuck in your writing? Here’s something that helped me to grow tremendously as a writer: “The Artists Way” and the associated workbook. The Artists Way asks you to commit to 12 weeks of writing 3 pages every morning first thing. (Before your ego has a chance to wake up and start to “edit” your writing.) These morning pages can help to break writers block and unstick your creativity. All of us get those creative roadblocks from time to time, it’s normal.

The bottom line is that you are writing, or you’re not. Pick up the pen, head to a comfortable spot & get started.

3) Be real – This one should also be accompanied by “be original wherever possible.” While many blogs do a good job of collecting and disseminating material from a variety of sites, there’s nothing better than fresh original writing. Taking parts of other posts (being sure to cite the author,) and adding your own commentary is a good way to bring some of your own originality to the table.

As far as being real, if you are reviewing a new product or service, make sure that you yourself have used them. it’s so much easier to be authentic when you have that emotional charge that comes from a passion for something. It’s pretty hard to fake. Your own stories and anecdotes need to be from the heart. Don’t be afraid to share your own feelings, it will help you audience connect with you.

4) Fill a need – Find something that hasn’t been written about, or present a new view of an old idea on a practical subject. Find “the pain” in your audience and help to relieve it. Fill that need & watch your audience grow.

5) Give it away – Do you know something? Expert in your field? Share share share. Not an expert? Do the research & you will be able to provide references and links that can help your readers find what they need. Add epic content – do your homework. Add your own personal touch & it becomes you.

6) Read other blogs – There’s nothing wrong with seeking great blogs & emulating their style. Find out what you like, notice the way they write, and ask what makes it easy and enjoyable to read. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Seeing other good work will help raise the bar within your own writing.

“If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovative.” Woody Allen 

©2014 Ben Gangloff

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