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Italian Police Find Drugs Hidden Inside Coffee Beans

Drug dealers are always looking for ingenious ways to get their products past checkpoints, and sometimes they exhibit some truly outside-the-box thinking. The attention of Italian customs officers at Malpensa Airport was recently drawn by a small package from Colombia to a man named Santino D’Antonio. If you’re not an action flick buff, that name […]

Consumers Shift To Robusta Beans Amid Recession

An unintended consequence of the virus-induced recession, lockdowns, and people working from home is a massive demand shift from expensive coffee beans, commonly found at Starbucks, and called arabica, to cheap beans, found in instant coffee, called robusta.   The shift in coffee demand is bad news for Starbucks, that’s why it announced, last month, over 400 […]

Coffee Futures To Near 15-Year Low Due to Surplus

Coffee fundamentals indicate deteriorating demand and oversupplied conditions could soon pressure prices to 15-year lows. A global surplus of 3.5 million bags is expected in 2020-21 as Brazil expects a record crop after a lower yield in 2019. To some degree, this had been anticipated by the market. Adding to concerns about a bulging supply imbalance, the […]

Peru Begins to Lift Lockdown

  Bloomberg reports: Peru will lift quarantine measures for most of the country starting July 1, easing one of the world’s strictest lockdowns as it faces a severe economic slide. Mandatory isolation orders will end for all but a handful of departments, according to a government decree issued late Friday, which left in place a […]

In pictures: Peru’s most catastrophic natural disaster – BBC News

On 31 May 1970, a huge earthquake struck off the coast of Peru. The quake and the massive landslides it triggered killed approximately 70,000 people. A wall of ice came loose from Peru’s highest mountain, Mount Huascarán, careered down the mountain at incredible speed and buried the town of Yungay. A statue of Christ in […]

Peru – Peru’s casinos won’t reopen until August – G3 Newswire

According to President of the National Chamber of Tourism Carlos Canales Anchorena, casinos will not reopen until August. While the government plans a gradual reopening of the tourism sector, casinos will be the last sector to open to the public the Minister claimed. Casinos will be opened as part of the “Tourism for All” programme […]