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Tbt: Old Peru

Peru has some of the highest train routes in the world that traverse the mighty Andes. Here’s a look back:

Machu Picchu Monday

It’s very Monday here, as we keep working on the building that we bought in Tarapoto. I’m working on before and after shots to show the progress. We’ve been slaving for weeks, but the place is looking good!

Tbt: Old Peru

The Port of Callao is the largest in Peru, close to Lima, the Capital. Here’s a look back before it was modernized:

Links: 7/27/2017

We’re enjoying the Fiestas Patrias (Patriot Days) here in lovely Tarapoto. For more on Tarapoto, see this link here. For your weekend pleasure, here’s a few links: Links: 7/27/17 Tips for visiting coffee farms and mills Coffee extraction and brewing concepts for terrific home brewed coffee Drinking three cups of coffee makes you less likely […]

Tbt: Old Lima

Here’s a look back at the Hotel Gran Bolivar in Lima, Peru : (Photo: Cardcow.com)

Machu Picchu Monday

Monday Machu Picchu style. Here’s a picture taken of the monument to Hiram Bingham who discovered Machu Picchu on this day in 1911. Have a blessed week!

Gone Fishing

The office will be closed until Thursday  August 9th. Thanks for your understanding. We’re off to coffee country and the beauty of the east Andes. Photos/news to follow!