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Machu Picchu Monday

Monday, and Christmas is fast approaching. It really is a blessed time of year, and we wish everyone the best. The online store is officially closed; a much needed respite is upon us. Hallelujah! How did they do it? Some things can still not be explained even now:

Tbt: Old Peru

The race is on to get everything done for the holidays, including the practice of somewhat rusty sounding Christmas songs. One day at a time… Another look back via Cardcow to huts along the Amazon near Iquitos, Peru. It hasn’t changed much even today. Many of these villages still exist, and are serviced by motorized […]

Don’t Throw Out Those Used Coffee Grounds

Many folks can’t get by without that cup of morning joe. But when you’re done brewing, don’t toss those coffee grounds — they can be as useful as the brew itself. Plants love coffee as much as you do. Coffee grounds can be used as a productive fertilizer because it adds nitrogen, potassium and a […]

Indoor Tomatoes

Usually, I have a black thumb when it comes to gardening. It’s not that I don’t give sufficient care, but rather that with frequent travel comes frequent neglect. Successful gardening really does seem to require nearly daily attention. So it’s a marvel that this time our tomatoes are growing literally to the ceiling:

Machu Picchu Monday

Yikes, it’s Monday & all at once the holidays are upon us. It’s a busy time, and everywhere we go there are lines. Patience is the watchword, and good tidings to all. Just in case you need to get away right now…

Holiday Hours 2018

Geez, this year flew by & here we are again at the holidays. Thanksgiving was nice, and soon it will be Christmas and a New Year. Our thanks to all who have made A Little Further South Coffee a going concern. We will accept orders until the end of the day on Sunday December 9th. […]

Tbt: Old Peru

Iquitos is the largest city in the world that doesn’t have road access. This former “rubber capital of the world” is now a prime destination for Amazon Rain-forest explorations. Loaded with faded colonial homes, it still remains as one of the best loved locales in all of Peru. Iquitos was vastly wealthy until 1912, when […]

Machu Picchu Monday

Hope everyone has has a good holiday season so far. We were going to send out an email to hawk our specials, but the reality is that we’re so sick of the emails ourselves that we didn’t want to add one more to the fray. We do have roasted and green specials though… Meanwhile, it’s […]

Thanksgiving Weekend Specials

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was nice for us to visit with Mom & Dad, and relax for a day. We also had a “sushi night” with some friends on Wednesday. I’m not quite ready for the holidays, but it’s growing on me. After being bombarded with Black Friday emails, we decided not […]

Coffee Supply Crisis in Our Future?

To understand the most pressing problems — which appear to be exacerbated by rising temperatures, erratic rainfall patterns and other effects of climate change — the nonprofit World Coffee Research (WCR) commissioned the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT, by its French acronym) to classify global growing areas by climate condition, dividing regions into what is known in climate […]