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In pictures: Peru’s most catastrophic natural disaster – BBC News

On 31 May 1970, a huge earthquake struck off the coast of Peru. The quake and the massive landslides it triggered killed approximately 70,000 people. A wall of ice came loose from Peru’s highest mountain, Mount Huascarán, careered down the mountain at incredible speed and buried the town of Yungay. A statue of Christ in […]

Peru – Peru’s casinos won’t reopen until August – G3 Newswire

According to President of the National Chamber of Tourism Carlos Canales Anchorena, casinos will not reopen until August. While the government plans a gradual reopening of the tourism sector, casinos will be the last sector to open to the public the Minister claimed. Casinos will be opened as part of the “Tourism for All” programme […]

The Last Incan Princess

She claimed to be the final descendant of the last Incan Emperor, Atahualpa — a claim the Peruvian government backed in 1946 — and she allegedly learned to sing from “the creatures of the forest.” Yma Sumac didn’t just hit octaves. She knocked them out of the park with a growl, and took them for […]

COVID-19 Update

Hi everyone, we’re cooling our heels at home as are most of you these days. We’re holding off on all coffee sales, as we’re trying to lay low until things quiet a bit on the pandemic. It’s awful, but we’re coping as best as we can. I worry more about my mother in Las Vegas […]