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Machu Picchu Monday

Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day last Monday. We enjoyed a quieter weekend at last… Meanwhile, the planning continues for our trip this fall to Machu Picchu. Can’t wait!  

Saturday Morning Coffee

It’s the weekend, and I’m very grateful. It was a busy week, but even if I have to work, the weekends have a different attitude. But first, it’s time for coffee!  

Strong quake rocks northern Peru, one dead

We awoke today to the news of another strong earthquake in Peru. Natalia emailed us from Tarapoto, and said that the power had gone out, but everything appears to be OK. Peruvian authorities were scrambling to assess the damage after an earthquake with a magnitude as high as 8.0 rocked the Peruvian Amazon region in […]

Machu Picchu Monday

It was an exciting weekend, as we finally met with our friends to arrange for our Machu Picchu trip later this year. There will be six of us going, so there are the many logistical concerns, and timing and coordination is critical. Luckily, our friend Pen was a former travel agent full time, and can […]

Study Finds Alcohol and Coffee Can Help You Live Past 90

Sweet! It looks like we need to get our drinking going! A study from the University Of California-Irvine has revealed that consuming a moderate amount of alcohol and coffee on a daily basis is linked to living a longer life! Yes, you read that right. No jokes, no typos, this is definitely good news for […]

Peruvian Chef Detained at LAX with 40 Piranhas

It’s hard to get fresh fish, so much so that at least one chef tried to bring in some piranha. Peruvian chef with 40 frozen piranhas detained for 5 hours at LAX. What a drag, am I right? There’s never a seat at the Sammy Hagar/KISS/Jimmy Buffet/other celebrity-centered bar, the coffee’s expensive, the power outlets […]