US Army tool reveals how much coffee is needed to stay awake – Business Insider

US Army researchers have developed an online tool that suggests how much coffee you should really drink to stay awake. The algorithm is not only meant to help you become more aware of how much caffeine you’re drinking but can also help reduce your coffee consumption.

For the study, which was published in the trade magazine “Sleep”, participants underwent several sleep deprivation and shift work scenarios. Researchers observed how their lack of sleep affected alertness and performance and how much caffeine influenced this.

In some cases, study participants had to stay awake for up to 60 hours and their regular sleeping time was severely shortened. The research team then developed the Open Access tool 2B-Alert Web 2.0 based on these results.

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Coffee farmers meet in Brazil amid crisis, seek alternatives – Reuters

Brazil’s city of Campinas, in the southeast state of Sao Paulo, will host the 2nd World Coffee Producers Forum on July 10-11. The first edition was held in 2017 in Medellin, Colombia. Organizers of the global conference say the main objective this year is to look at ways to improve the economic sustainability of producers. “In Medellin, the target was to find a way to mobilize producers, to have a coordinated forum to discuss our issues,” said Vanusia Nogueira, one of the organizers. “Prices only fell from there on, so now we need to discuss alternatives to improve income for farmers,” she said. Coffee prices in New York reached a 12-year low in May at 86 cents per pound. They recovered slightly recently, mostly due to expectations for a harsh winter in Brazil, but are still at around 110 cents per pound, a level seen by many producers as unsustainable.

Source: Coffee farmers meet in Brazil amid crisis, seek alternatives – Reuters

Saturday Morning Coffee

It’s the weekend, and I’m very grateful. It was a busy week, but even if I have to work, the weekends have a different attitude. But first, it’s time for coffee!


Study Finds Alcohol and Coffee Can Help You Live Past 90

Sweet! It looks like we need to get our drinking going! A study from the University Of California-Irvine has revealed that consuming a moderate amount of alcohol and coffee on a daily basis is linked to living a longer life! Yes, you read that right. No jokes, no typos, this is definitely good news for all of us who are addicted to our morning cup of joe. Obviously, the key word here is “moderate”. We don’t want to you go out and drink 8 beers and 4 shots of espresso daily, because well, that would pretty bad. The study called “The 90+ Study”, started in 2003 and examined “the oldest-old” age group (about 1,700 nonagenarians) to determine what is the key to living to your 90th birthday and older.

Source: Study Finds Alcohol and Coffee Can Help You Live Past 90 | Rare

I’ll drink to that!