Peru and U.S. Close to Signing Deal to Counter Chinese Influence

LIMA (Reuters) – Peru and Washington are in the final stages of talks on a deal to promote American investments in the South American country as part of a U.S. initiative to counter Chinese influence in the region, a Peruvian diplomat told Reuters.

The United States launched its “Growth in the Americas” initiative in 2018 to bolster private-sector investments in energy and infrastructure in Latin America after China invited countries in the region to join its global Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

So far, the United States has signed memorandums of understanding within the Growth in the Americas framework with Argentina, Chile, Jamaica and Panama. Chile, Jamaica, Panama and Peru have also signed MOUs with China to join the BRI. “The Trump administration is interested in balancing Chinese influence in the region a bit,” Cecilia Galarreta, the director of North American affairs in Peru’s foreign ministry, told Reuters on the sidelines of an event on Thursday.

Source: Peru and U.S. Close to Signing Deal to Counter Chinese Influence in Region

Machu Picchu Monday

Happy Holidays to all! Still pretty busy here, but it’s all good.

Here’s a few more from Machu Picchu…



Machu Picchu Monday

Here’s a few pics to tantalize until work & family stuff allows more time for writing…


Tbt: Old Peru

The beach at Chorrillos (Today, the beach is considerably smaller.

Tbt: Old Peru

We’re back this week, after a death in the family. It was my father who was robbed of life some years ago, slipping into that silent death, dementia. On the bright side, my mother is talking about travel and doing things again, so it’s a rebirth of sorts all at the same time.

Life and death are parts of the natural order. I’m at the age where one reflects on their life, especially as one hears of friends diagnosed with cancer, or passing in an instant. It’s amazing to me that we can marvel and still reach back in time and other lives through preserved works like those found at the Museo Larco in Lima. Truly a treasure of delights…

Pitcher Museo Larco Peru

Sculpture Museo Larco Peru

Another vintage ceramic piece from the Museo Larco in Lima, Peru.