Tbt: Old Peru

The beach at Chorrillos (Today, the beach is considerably smaller.

Tbt: Old Peru

We’re back this week, after a death in the family. It was my father who was robbed of life some years ago, slipping into that silent death, dementia. On the bright side, my mother is talking about travel and doing things again, so it’s a rebirth of sorts all at the same time.

Life and death are parts of the natural order. I’m at the age where one reflects on their life, especially as one hears of friends diagnosed with cancer, or passing in an instant. It’s amazing to me that we can marvel and still reach back in time and other lives through preserved works like those found at the Museo Larco in Lima. Truly a treasure of delights…

Pitcher Museo Larco Peru

Sculpture Museo Larco Peru

Another vintage ceramic piece from the Museo Larco in Lima, Peru.



Tbt: Old Peru

Here’s a view of the past (although probably not too different today.) Cerro de Pasco is over 14,000 feet in elevation and is a barren high windswept area. Life is hard here, and the people are a hardy lot. (Postcard images via

Tbt: Old Peru

Another look back at the Basilica in Arequipa, Peru:

Photo via Cardcow