Tbt: Old Peru

Posted late as Thursday was a return travel day. Ah, the joys of jetlag…

As always, thanks to our friends at Cardcow:

Barranco, Peru

Tbt: Old Peru

Last few days in Peru. My the time does fly when every day there are a hundred little things to be seen to. It will be good to get back home to Arizona though.

Here’s a look back at the National Money House (Office of the Currency:)

Tbt: Old Peru

Thursday December 13th. Just a short while longer to Christmas day, a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. In Peru, Catholicism is widely practiced, and the the 24th is the big night of dining and midnight fireworks.

Luckily, we all prefer to eat earlier, say around 9:30 pm. Eating a big meal at 12:30 am just doesn’t work for me, but we will stay up and have a toast while we marvel at the vistas above on the 4th floor. There will be displays in every part of the city, and floating candlarias in the air. It’s really quite a spectacle.

Fireworks over Lima

Christmas Lights Plaza de Armas, Tarapoto, Peru 2016


Tbt: Old Peru

The race is on to get everything done for the holidays, including the practice of somewhat rusty sounding Christmas songs. One day at a time…

Another look back via Cardcow to huts along the Amazon near Iquitos, Peru. It hasn’t changed much even today. Many of these villages still exist, and are serviced by motorized canoes that bring people and commodities back and forth to the awaiting cargo boats that ply these ancient waters.


Mud Huts near Iquitos, Peru

Tbt: Old Peru

It’s a busy week, family here today plus the normal madness. Our indoor tomato plants are growing towards the ceiling! If I can, I’ll post a picture later.

Here’s a look back to the little Plaza of the Inquisition:

La Plazuela de La Inquisicíon



Tbt: Old Peru

Thursday, and a beautiful week it’s been in northwest Arizona. Lots of sun, and pleasant temperatures. We’re loving it…

Here’s a look back. Many of Lima’s finest colonial homes have disappeared, replaced by sterile apartment buildings. A few of the old gems still remain. Many are now embassies & commercial offices. (via Cardcow)

Gothic Pavillion

Tbt: Old Peru

It’s Thursday, my how the week goes by when you stay busy. I guess it’s better to be productive than idle though. Have a great weekend…

Here’s a classic postcard of small ships in the harbor at Callao. Today, Callao is a large modern port that has contributed to Peru’s economic growth. (Via Cardcow)

Small ships, Callao, Peru

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Tbt: Old Peru

Hope you’ve had a good week. We shot up to Las Vegas today to deliver coffee, and have lunch with my parents. It was fun, and we had surprisingly good luck with the traffic.

Rather than take the new I-11 bypass, we go through Boulder City the “old way.” Now with less traffic, it’s much more pleasant, and even faster than the bypass.

Here’s a postcard from Lima – 1906