Tbt: Old Peru

Last day in May, no way!

Here’s another look back to when Miraflores was a colonial gem. While many of the classic homes still remain, more and more Miraflores has become the land of soaring apartment complexes.

Tbt: Old Peru

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.

Continuing on last weeks’ Lake Titicaca theme, here’s a postcard from Rio Desaguadero near Lake Titicaca, Peru.


Tbt: Old Peru

In late with this look back. We were up in the wilds of New Mexico where anything beyond basic email just doesn’t work.

Here’s a vintage postcard of Lake Titicaca:

Tbt: Old Peru

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Have a fabulous weekend, be sure to drink more coffee!

Here’s a postcard with a view of the Cross on El Misti above Arequipa, Peru.

Cross on El Misti, Arequipa



Tbt: Old Peru

Thursday, May 3. Already the year is moving fast. We hope yours is going well. We’re going from unseasonably cool to normal hot in the next few days.

Here’s a vintage postcard view of Cuzco:

Panorama of Cuzco vintage postcard (Via : Cardcow)



Tbt: Old Peru

Here’s a vintage postcard from Pisac, Peru. Pisac is a market town below Cuzco in the Sacred Valley, and is one of our favorite stops on the way to Machu Picchu. (Thanks to Cardcow)

Tbt: Old Peru

Geez, Thursday already. Here’s a look back to when llamas were commonly used for transporting goods. Some Andean communities still do today. Have a wonderful weekend! (Photo: Cardcow)

Llamas transporting cargo

Tbt: Old Peru

Here’s a vintage postcard with a panoramic view of Lima, Peru:

Panoramic view of Lima, Peru (via Cardcow)

Tbt: Old Peru

Holy Thursday, 2018. Here’s another look back at Arequipa:

Plaza de Armas Arequipa Peru