Tbt: Old Peru

Happy Valentines day! It’s cold and rainy here, but we’re welcoming the rain and filling everything with wonderful rain water. The plants really do seem to do better with it.

Here’s a look back:

La Laguna, Barranco (Photo : Cardcow)

Machu Picchu Monday

Monday again. Seems like these weeks go faster and faster. We’re up in Vegas today visiting family. Have a great week!

On the streets of Cuzco, Peru

Tbt: Old Peru

It’s cold in NW Arizona, today only reaching upper 40’s F.

It’s summer in Peru, here’s a beach scene from Chorillos:

The beach at Chorrillos (Today, the beach is considerably smaller.


Machu Picchu Monday

Ah, Monday after a Super Bowl. We don’t have network television at home, but someone invited us to watch the game. It’s always nice to hang out with friends. Today, I’m feeling lethargic, and it’s one of those cold and dreary days. We may even get rain here in NW Arizona…

Hillside homes in the Sacred Valley, Peru


Tbt: Old Peru

It’s been warming up here in Northwest Arizona, and even the Joshua trees are starting to bloom (see below.)

Meanwhile, a postcard from 1906;

Interior of the Cathedral in Lima, Peru

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Machu Picchu Monday

Last Monday in January, hope your year is going well.

This shot was taken in Saqsaywaman. Note the ancient, but precision stonework. Truly amazing.

Rocks at Saqsaywaman, Sacred Valley, Peru

Tbt: Old Peru

Quick week. Here’s a look back, enjoy!

More Ancient Ceramics Peru

Peru Wins “Best Culinary Destination in the World” 7 years in a Row

Peru has recently won once again the award for Best Culinary Destination at the international gala of the 25th edition of the World Travel Awards, for the seventh consecutive year.

Not a surprise. The quality of food in Peru is oftentimes just plain amazing. Fresh and tasty fruits and vegetables, and naturally raised meats raise the bar for everyone…Congrats Peru!

Full story here.

Lots of fruits and vegetables at Mistura 2015