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We’re back, and trying to get over jet lag. Here’s a few random shots from Peru. Meanwhile, the online shop is back up!

Tbt: Old Peru

, Museo Larco Pueblo Libre, Peru

Ceramic Museo Larco Peru

Ceramic face sculpture Lima Peru

Classics from Museo Larco. have a great weekend!


Ancient Peruvian farmers moved into cloud forests because of megadroughts

Cloud forests are thick, high-elevation patches of mossy forest watered by the near-constant presence of fog and low-hanging clouds. These niche habitats are often thought of and described as pristine, but new research suggests cloud forests in the Peruvian Andes were cleared by native Andean farmers some 1,200 years ago.

Today, cloud forests serve as a sanctuary for species chased to higher elevations by rising global temperatures and extreme weather. However, cloud forests themselves — and the important ecological role they play — are increasingly threatened by climate change. According to new research, Peru’s cloud forests have faced threats from climate change and human activity before.

To trace the history of human activity in and around the cloud forests that surround Peru’s Lake of the Condors, scientists collected sediment cores from the bottom of the lake. By measuring the changing concentrations of fossil pollen, charcoal and algae, as well as shifts in sediment chemistry, researchers were able to reconstruct the history of land-use in the region. Scientists knew that native populations had occupied the forests surrounding the Lake of the Condors, as archaeologists have found more than 200 Incan and pre-Incan mummies entombed in the cliffs above the lake. The latest analysis, published this week in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution, showed the region also hosted high-elevation farming. When scientists compared their sediment data with ancient climate patterns, they found a series of long-lasting droughts called megadroughts coincided with increases in cloud forest deforestation.

Source: Megadroughts forced Peruvian farmers into cloud forests 1,200 years ago – UPI.com


In the Rainforest

Peru and U.S. Close to Signing Deal to Counter Chinese Influence

LIMA (Reuters) – Peru and Washington are in the final stages of talks on a deal to promote American investments in the South American country as part of a U.S. initiative to counter Chinese influence in the region, a Peruvian diplomat told Reuters.

The United States launched its “Growth in the Americas” initiative in 2018 to bolster private-sector investments in energy and infrastructure in Latin America after China invited countries in the region to join its global Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

So far, the United States has signed memorandums of understanding within the Growth in the Americas framework with Argentina, Chile, Jamaica and Panama. Chile, Jamaica, Panama and Peru have also signed MOUs with China to join the BRI. “The Trump administration is interested in balancing Chinese influence in the region a bit,” Cecilia Galarreta, the director of North American affairs in Peru’s foreign ministry, told Reuters on the sidelines of an event on Thursday.

Source: Peru and U.S. Close to Signing Deal to Counter Chinese Influence in Region

Machu Picchu Monday

Happy Holidays to all! Still pretty busy here, but it’s all good.

Here’s a few more from Machu Picchu…