Hospital ship USNS Comfort leaves Peru after treating 4,500 Venezuelan refugees

In Peru, over 4,500 patients were treated and over 100 surgeries were performed aboard the ship. “This morning the mission ended with expected success, having seen a great number of patients and provided medical services to the community in general,” said Vice Adm. Manuel Váscones, chief of staff of the Peruvian Navy on Sunday, at a ceremony to end the visit. “The commitment of cooperation that the governments of the United States and Peru have undertaken only reaffirms the solid bilateral relations that allow the execution of humanitarian efforts like this mission.”

The ship is a non-combatant hospital vessel typically staffed by officers of the Navy’s Medical Corps, Dental Corps, Medical Service Corps, Nurse Corps and Chaplain Corps, and enlisted Hospital Corpsman personnel.

Source: Hospital ship USNS Comfort leaves Peru after treating 4,500 Venezuelan refugees

A Peruvian Army helicopter follows the U.S. Navy hospital ship USS Comfort, which left Callao, Peru, on Wednesday after a five-day humanitarian mission. Photo by MCS2 Morgan K. Nall/U.S. Southern Command/UPI

Machu Picchu Monday

Yet another Monday. While Arizona is sweltering under summer heat, we managed to sneak away for a few days to check up on things in Tarapoto, in the Cloud Forest of Peru. We have an Airbnb there, and it’s always good to keep a watchful eye. We’ve also noticed that we can get work done when we’re there, but the moment we leave, it seems like everyone forgets about us & nothing more happens.  In case you’re curious, here’s a link.

Today is the hard travel day home. We’re now ready for our trip in the fall though. In addition to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, we’re going to spend some time in Tarapoto again as well as explore some famous sites in Lima. It will be the very first time that we’re hosting any acquaintances, so we want everything to be as perfect as we can make it.

Here’s today’s Machu Picchu view… Enjoy!

Lovely views at Machu Picchu, Peru

Llamas at Machu Picchu, Peru

Inside Machu Picchu


Machu Picchu Monday

The months are flying by, and we’re so looking forward to our trip to Machu Picchu in the Fall.

Meanwhile, we can only dream…

More ruins near Cuzco

Tbt: Old Peru

Another vintage postcard from Cardcow…

Lima is loaded with Colonial splendor. While many of the classic homes have been razed to make way for the ubiquitous apartments around Lima, many remain to showcase the beauty of this cosmopolitan city.

Machu Picchu Monday

Monday, Monday can’t trust that day…

Machu Picchu is still there though…

Mysterious & awesome, Machu Picchu