Peru – Peru’s casinos won’t reopen until August – G3 Newswire

According to President of the National Chamber of Tourism Carlos Canales Anchorena, casinos will not reopen until August. While the government plans a gradual reopening of the tourism sector, casinos will be the last sector to open to the public the Minister claimed.

Casinos will be opened as part of the “Tourism for All” programme which will launch in July.In an interview with magazine Caretas the minister admitted that the tourism sector was currently “in intensive care.” While large scale inbound tourism will be closed this year apart from possibly business travel he said he was optimistic that domestic tourism will see an upsurge later this year.

Source: Peru – Peru’s casinos won’t reopen until August – G3 Newswire

Machu Picchu Monday

Happy Holidays to all! Still pretty busy here, but it’s all good.

Here’s a few more from Machu Picchu…



Machu Picchu Monday

It’s finally the trip! We left Las Vegas Tuesday on the 1:30 am red-eye flight to Panama. It’s not much for getting restful sleep, but it’s less than 12 hours, so quick. The airport isn’t very busy at that hour, so things move along fairly well, and Las Vegas may be the most efficient airport in the world anyway.

We arrived in Lima, and spent the afternoon resting until our group arrived at 11:45 pm. After meeting them, we all headed for bed.

On Wednesday, we flew to Cuzco on separate flights, and then connected in front of the airport. We then jumped into our rented van, and headed for Urubamba, where we would spend the next two nights at the Tierra Viva Lodge, a rather nice spot outside of the city, and very quiet and peaceful. Surrounded by the steep mountains above, it’s truly breathtaking.

We ate both nights at the restaurant, and the food was just marvelous. (To be continued…)

Machu Picchu Monday

Happy Labor day to all, may you and yours have a happy, safe, and blessed weekend.

Well, it’s just weeks away to our trip to Machu Picchu and our first time playing tour guide. We have all of our plans, tickets, and reservations, now we just have to go!

Lovely views at Machu Picchu, Peru