Tbt: Old Peru

Here’s a look back. This was taken near Arequipa, Peru. Note the Volcano Misti. Enjoy! (Photo: Cardcow)

El Misti and Herd of Llamas

Machu Picchu Monday

Another Monday…hope everyone has a super week!

Machu Picchu hosts thousands of visitors each year

Tbt: Old Peru

We’re enjoying our time in Peru, although working hard every day. The weather is nice here right now as it’s winter and not quite as hot. Here’s a look back to 1905:

Huge Crowd of People at Palatial Structure


Machu Picchu Monday

Monday, Monday… Hope you’re enjoying a wonderful 4th of July long weekend. Far away on another continent in the high altitude Inca city of Cuzco:

On the streets of Cuzco, Peru



Tbt: Old Peru

It’s Thursday, here’s a classic…

Fruit Vendors, Peru (Photo: Cardcow)


Machu Picchu Monday

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer. The temperatures have been as high as 115 degrees in Northwest Arizona where we live. Humidity is low, as low as 4% sometimes, so it just feels like a blast furnace rather than the drippy rainforest kinda feeling.

Thanks to the wonders of straw bale & its’ insulating qualities, we’ve managed to be completely comfortable in “the jail” as Yrma calls it.

In Peru, it’s winter and the days are shorter; sometimes nights are cooler and more comfortable as the Winds of St. John blow up from the south.

Here’s a vendor of fresh empanadas in the market town of Pisaq, below Cuzco in the Sacred Valley.

Serving empanadas from a traditional oven, Pisaq, Peru

Links: 6/25/15

Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday June 25, 2017. Here’s a few links for your perusal:


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Black bear maulings in Alaska really odd

Rare blue bioluminescent plankton (cool!)

Amazing underwater photographs show Antarctic beauty

Crown Jellyfish (Photo: National Geographic)

Tbt: Old Peru

Thursday already…another look back:

Playa de Herradura, Peru (Photo: Cardcow)



Machu Picchu Monday

We’ve been running hard lately, visiting all of our coffee friends & getting ready to return to Peru. Here’s a look at some weaving in the wonderful market town of Pisaq (Pisac) in the Sacred Valley below Cuzco.

Weaving in Pisaq, Sacred Valley Peru

Tbt: Old Peru

Posted late this week. Had a nice trip to Los Angeles, and some visits with coffee roasting friends. That part was swell, the traffic, not so much.

La Oroya lies high in the Andes, and it’s one of the towns that we pass on the way to the coffee farms. It’s a mining area for various minerals, and has recently been the site of many protests over mine pollution and strikes have blocked the Central Highway several times.

Here’s a look back:

View of La Oroya

Near to La Oroya:

 In the high Andes, La Oroya, Peru