Tbt: Old Peru

Still grinding away in New Mexico. Cabin is coming along nicely though…

Here’s a look at the Costa Verde cliffs in Miraflores. In recent years, the Peruvian and local governments have been working hard to make the coastline a real jewel of Lima. It’s come a long way from the old days…

Costa Verde Cliffs Miraflores, Peru

Machu Picchu Monday

Monday, and we’re up in New Mexico working on our cabin there. It means sporadic internet, and worse yet, no phone calls. After a day or so of “withdrawal” it’s actually wonderful to disconnect… Have a great week.

Andes view in the Sacred Valley below Cuzco, Peru

Tbt: Old Peru

A look back at the Rimac River in Lima, Peru (Via Cardcow)

Rimac River, Lima Province, Peru


Tbt: Old Peru

Here’s yet another look back via Cardcow. Cardcow offers an amazing quantity of vintage photos & postcards. Full disclosure: We don’t have any financial interest in them, we just like their stuff! Enjoy…

Checacupe Bridge, Peru

Tbt: Old Peru

Nearing the end of summer, if not per the time of year, at least it’s because of back to school etc. It’s still hot here for another month, meanwhile nights are cooling further north in the Rockies.

Here’s the old School of Medicine in Lima via Cardcow:

School of Medicine, Lima Peru

Machu Picchu Monday

The nights are finally cooling. It won’t be long ’til Fall. Have a good week, be kind.

Machu Picchu is amazing

Tbt: Old Peru

Continuing on our Callao theme, here’s another vintage postcard via

Old customs area, Callao, Lima, Peru

Machu Picchu Monday

Have a wonderful week. Think of Peru & the vast beauty and marvel of Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu clouds