Machu Picchu Monday

Yikes, it’s Monday & all at once the holidays are upon us. It’s a busy time, and everywhere we go there are lines. Patience is the watchword, and good tidings to all.

Just in case you need to get away right now…

Machu Picchu, Peru

Holiday Hours 2018

Geez, this year flew by & here we are again at the holidays. Thanksgiving was nice, and soon it will be Christmas and a New Year. Our thanks to all who have made A Little Further South Coffee a going concern.

We will accept orders until the end of the day on Sunday December 9th. All holiday orders will be roasted and shipped on December 10th via USPS Priority mail. Green coffee orders will ship as received. Any roasted orders will ship as received until December 6th, when we’ll hold orders for the roasting and shipping on the 10th. The online store will then be closed until we return in early January. Peace and Good Will towards all; have a blessed holiday season. We’ll be sure to post pictures from the Plaza de Armas in Lima, and the Nativity Scene in Tarapoto as well. Salud!

A Christmas toast



Tbt: Old Peru

Iquitos is the largest city in the world that doesn’t have road access. This former “rubber capital of the world” is now a prime destination for Amazon Rain-forest explorations. Loaded with faded colonial homes, it still remains as one of the best loved locales in all of Peru.

Iquitos was vastly wealthy until 1912, when smugglers took seeds to Malaysia & the rubber monopoly for Peru ended. During World War II, it became an important source of rubber supply, but faded into near obscurity after the War. In the 1960’s interest in the Amazon began the growth in the Eco-tourism industry and the revitalization of Iquitos. Today, it’s home to many expats and thousands of moto-taxis.

Colonial balconies, Iquitos Peru

Machu Picchu Monday

Hope everyone has has a good holiday season so far. We were going to send out an email to hawk our specials, but the reality is that we’re so sick of the emails ourselves that we didn’t want to add one more to the fray. We do have roasted and green specials though…

Meanwhile, it’s Monday & you may already need to get away:

Machu Picchu

Coffee Supply Crisis in Our Future?

To understand the most pressing problems — which appear to be exacerbated by rising temperatures, erratic rainfall patterns and other effects of climate change — the nonprofit World Coffee Research (WCR) commissioned the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT, by its French acronym) to classify global growing areas by climate condition, dividing regions into what is known in climate modeling as pixels. (Think of them as microlots, but for climates.) The pixels were grouped by common climate profiles, resulting in five agro-ecological zones: hot-wet, hot-dry, constant, cool-variable and cool-dry.

These zones are intended to help researchers focus on the different areas in which coffee currently grows, providing a more accurate forecast of where it might not grow in the future. Predicting how each zone would behave in response to 19 distinct climate-model projections shows that land suitable for coffee growing could drop by a staggering 50 percent over the next three decades.

via Daily Coffee News, full article here.


Tbt: Old Peru

It’s a busy week, family here today plus the normal madness. Our indoor tomato plants are growing towards the ceiling! If I can, I’ll post a picture later.

Here’s a look back to the little Plaza of the Inquisition:

La Plazuela de La Inquisicíon



Machu Picchu Monday

Monday, today is the official celebration of Veteran’s Day which was yesterday November 11th. On the 11th day of the 11th month, at the 11th hour, the “War to End All Wars” ended. We should never forget those both civilian and military who sacrificed so much only to see the world plunged into war a mere 20 years later.

Veteran’s Day Parade, Yucca AZ

The world is a very different place from my youth. Read more

Tbt: Old Peru

Thursday, and a beautiful week it’s been in northwest Arizona. Lots of sun, and pleasant temperatures. We’re loving it…

Here’s a look back. Many of Lima’s finest colonial homes have disappeared, replaced by sterile apartment buildings. A few of the old gems still remain. Many are now embassies & commercial offices. (via Cardcow)

Gothic Pavillion

Machu Picchu Monday

It was a splendid Monday, lots of things done, and the weather was perfect.

It’s a busy time, as coffee roasters everywhere gear up for the all important holiday season. Btw, coffee makes a great gift. We’ll be sending out some pre-Thanksgiving specials tomorrow. Check your email!

Here’s your Machu Picchu moment:

Amazing stone structures everywhere. Machu Picchu, Peru