Tbt: Old Peru

Here’s an old postcard of the Mejorada bridge over the Mantaro river in Huancayo, Peru:

Mejorada Bridge Huancayo, Peru (Photo :


Tbt: Old Peru

Here’s a look back at Paita, Peru near Piura in the northwest part of Peru. It’s an old postcard via Carcdow. Notice the spelling:

Paita Bird’s Eye View

Postcard Back


Tbt: Old Peru

Here’s a couple of pics sent in via Rusty Stevens taken by his father Bob Stevens sometime in the 1930’s in a trip to Peru.

Thanks Rusty!


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Machu Picchu Monday

Here’s another Monday visit to the amazing Sacred Valley of Peru. If you’ve never been there, you’ll be astounded and delighted by what you see. Wandering freely are these guys:

The natives at Machu Picchu


Tbt: Old Peru

Peru is a nation rich in minerals. Mining and related industries make approximately 15% of Peru’s GDP, so it’s a very important part of the economy. Lately with copper prices being relatively higher after lagging for years, Peru has benefitted with more mining earnings. It’s not without issues though, as the environmental standards were completely lacking for many years, and the locals have suffered with contaminated air and water.

A Large Copper Smelter, Casapalca Peru (Via : Cardcow)


Casapalca mine today