The Fascinating History and Renewal of Brazil’s Yellow BourbonDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Yellow Bourbon Coffee (Photo: Roast Magazine)

Known for its yellow fruit in the mature stage — a distinct departure from the cherry reds of every other coffee variety — the Yellow Bourbon has become something of a coffee jewel in Brazil.While the variety has experienced major recognition from coffee buyers and roasters in recent years — in part for its distinct, high-quality flavor attributes, and also due to a collective obsession with distinct varieties for the sake of differentiation — Yellow Bourbon actually has a long, winding history of cultivation and market exposure in Brazil.

Source: The Fascinating History and Renewal of Brazil’s Yellow BourbonDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Are You Overdosing on Caffeine? | Outside Online

When I gave up caffeine, the first day was like a scene out of Trainspotting. Picture a grown man balled up on the couch, sweating in November, on the cusp of vomiting, head split right in two. Then a low-grade headache that lasted for a week set in. But I was also sleeping sounder and longer, and, despite a few mornings with a serious coffee craving, I felt better. I didn’t have as much of an afternoon slump, and I was less irritable—I was using my car horn less, and I didn’t feel as annoyed by things not going exactly how I planned. Within a few weeks, I’d lost four pounds. I’ve been off the stuff ever since. Caffeine can indeed be a great thing, but it can also work against you. Your experience with the drug depends on your biology and how much of it you take in. Before I decided to give up caffeine for good, I was drinking upward of three cups a day. But conversations with people much smarter than myself—biochemists, nutritionists, sleep experts, neurologists—led to me to believe that I was overdoing it at a rate that was bad for my health, sleep, disposition, and performance.When you’ve been mainlining caffeine for your entire adult life, it can be tricky to parse out how it impacts you. Start by analyzing just how much you’re consuming, then check in with your physical and mental states. If you think it might be time for an intervention, here’s some advice on how to cut down.

Source: Are You Overdosing on Caffeine? | Outside Online

Coffee Producers Demand Immediate Price Action

Coffee Prices have been mostly falling for the last few years. After the coffee rust devastation in 2012, many farms had low production until the new plants started fully producing. Today, the struggle is to try and increase prices to a level that will allow farmers to continue growing. Via Roast Magazine:

A consortium of major organizations representing coffee producers throughout the world has issued a sweeping condemnation of the global coffee industry as the “C price” for coffee sits at historic lows.Without immediate action to supply better collective prices to the world’s approximately 25 million smallholder farmers, the coffee industry may likely be contributing to a widespread humanitarian crisis as coffee farmers abandon coffee in favor of illicit crops or migrate in search of better opportunities, the group warned today.Thirteen organizations representing the World Coffee Producers Forum — including Colombia’s FNC, Africa’s AFCA, Latin America’s Promecafe, Brazil’s BSCA and the United States/Europe’s Specialty Coffee Association — have attached their name to a declaration calling for immediate action in response to low coffee prices.The groups are specifically addressing the ICE futures price for commodity coffee — often called the “C Price” — which is widely used as a price discovery and reference tool in the creation of futures contracts for transactions of green coffee. Throughout the coffee sector, the C price serves as a benchmark that affects prices at virtually all levels of the coffee trade.

Coffee Futures Prices

Source: Coffee Producers Demand Immediate Action Amidst Price Crisis – Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine


“Coffee is America’s most beloved beverage – and for good reason,” said Bill Murray, NCA President and CEO (shown here). “New consumer values have changed the game for coffee. But the industry is adapting – and thriving – by embracing innovation and transparency.” From sustainability to wellness, these realigned priorities mean that consumers are paying more attention to what’s in their cup than ever before.


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