CoffeeCon 2016 Los Angeles Delights

CoffeeCon, the coffee consumer festival was held this past weekend in LA’s Reef near the LA Convention Center. It was well attended, and featured the best of local roasters and baristas, and a variety of vendors ranging from Aeropress to even California grown coffee trees for that conversational piece in your home.

An extensive list of classes and presentations made for a tremendous informational opportunity. Whether learning about home roasting, or which grind is best for your coffee brewing method, there was something for every coffee lover.

For coffee aficianados, there were classes on tasting, and a variety of vendors for sampling coffees from all over the globe featuring the best of local roasters.

For home roasters, Joe Behm maker of the Behmor home roaster hosted a standing room omly class on home roasting. This popular topic is sweeping the country as more and more consumers discover the joy & freshness of home roast.

Joe shared some recent experiences in Guatamala, and answered a wide variety of questions from a very appreciative audience.

It was a fun filled day of making new acquaintances, learning about all the latest developments in coffee technology, and inspirational stories connecting the coffee to the real lives of coffee farmers.

Here’s a photo tour:

A Photo Tour – CoffeeCon 2016 Los Angeles

Micro Finance – Breaking the Poverty Cycle of Coffee Farmers with Karen Cebreros

Portola Coffee Roasters

Alana’s Coffee Roasting served over 1,000 coffee samples!

Everyone had a fun time at CoffeeCon 2016

Healing Coffee Roasters

Theta Ridge Coffee – Kevin Kuyers

The Behmor Home Roaster and Brewers drew a lot of attention


CoffeeCon 2016 Class Schedule

Yours Truly

Foxy Coffee

Scotty D’s Coffee

Lab Coffee & Roasters

Joe Behm enthralls the audience

The Healing Coffee Roasters crew serves up some wonderful java

Good Land Organics even had coffee trees for sale (and they were very popular)

Cafecito Organico

The Reef in Los Angeles – Site of CoffeeCon 2016

Delicious pourovers everywhere

Besides Coffee, there was Chocolate!

Joe Behm Speaks

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Smiling at Scotty D’s



There was so much more of course. Many booths were jammed with coffee fans, so pictures were often tricky to get. We made new friends, got inspired, and had a wonderful experience. Let’s do it again next year!