Square Unveils Data Mined from Thousands of U.S. Cafés

Interesting data from point of sale systems company Square regarding coffee & more gleaned from cafes across the US. (Via Roast Magazine:)

Popular point-of-sale systems and analytics provider Square today released the Square Coffee Report, which includes some interesting although generalized data related both to consumer trends and operational strategies among thousands of U.S. cafes.

While the report has been released to celebrate National Coffee Day, it also serves to remind coffee retail business owners about Square’s recently released iPhone-enabled Dashboard app, which provides real-time analytics on a range of important metrics.

The report itself is broken down into four main topics:

Most popular coffee drinks across the country

Customers’ average tipping percentage by state

Average coffee drink costs broken down by U.S. region

Peak times on weekends vs. weekdays

So let’s dive right in: Most Popular Coffee Drinks in U.S. Cafés

A few things jump out here. Hot coffee is the most preferred drink by a majority of U.S. consumers, coming in at just over 51 percent, but iced coffee comes in at a mere 2 percent, less than even chai or hot chocolate.

Could this reflect a lack of differentiation in the menu as reflected through the POS system, or is the American cold coffee craze being totally overblown? Also, it’s somewhat sad to see espresso not registering enough sales to even make the list.

Source: Square Unveils Data Mined from Thousands of U.S. Cafés | Daily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

Click on the link for the full article with many charts and more information.

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