Rapidly Rising US Health Care Costs Will Lead to more Medical Tourism, Here’s Why


As I’ve said in these pages often, Health Care costs in the US are so inflated that it’s much less expensive for non emergency care & routine surgery to go outside of the country. Recent proposed insurance premium increases are startling, especially after the last few years of steady increases. While for some, subsidized care is a boon, however for the majority of users, costs have far outpaced inflation even doubling in many cases. Thanks to Karl Denninger of the Market Ticker for the following heads up on upcoming increases & ideas on how we might change things:

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The Subtle Slavery of the Affordable Care Act


After watching our health insurance premiums skyrocket (almost doubling) in just over two years, we realized that with the large deductibles and crappy coverage that we were going to be bankrupt in any large emergency. For anything that doesn’t require immediate emergency service, we can go to Peru (or anywhere else) for a fraction of the cost.

In the end, it’s the forced making of bad choices that is the horror of the so called Affordable Care Act. Here’s an article that sums up the harsh reality: (Guest Post Via Cognitive Dissidence)


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